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Sales Videos

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August 25, 2013

Sales Videos

At Garage Video we specialize in creating Quality Animated Videos for your Business Website http://www.garagevideosforwebsites.com/. We also make Whiteboard and Live action videos, specially designed to increase your conversion rate.



August 25, 2013

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  1. After gaining an online presence you will need to continue

    to grow and reach out to new consumers while retaining the old ones. Here are ten ways using video will help your website thrive. Reach further: Animated Videos will get shared and tweeted far more than any text. Pictures speak faster than actual words. Video allow you to do both therefore people relate to them better. A specific video can trigger a certain memory or thought for someone that automatically links a specific person and viola your video is now sent to that person. Your video can reach customers that you may never have considered. 24/7: One of the great things about videos is that it can be watched at any time. You can be sleeping or having a fiesta on the beach and your video is spreading like a wildfire. This allows sales to happen without additional work to be done, all because someone ran across your video. Worldwide market: A video can bring customers from the other side of the globe. Whether they understand your language or not, your video can catch their attention. If they want it bad enough they will reach out. This introduces you to global marketing. Build trust: videos make customers feel closer to you and your business, especially if they get to see your face and hear your voice. People buy from those they trust, build that trusting relationship. Demos: Demonstrations are for people who may be a little skeptical about your product. Skeptics are usually more negative word of mouth advertising until they know for sure the product does what it says. So let them see it work. Complete a demonstration video and turn those negative questions to a happy positive customer. SEO: When you create a video you can focus more on the back links and descriptions for SEO. Of course the search engine doesn’t search your video for keywords but you can include them. You do not have to find a specific way to include the popular key words because chances are no one is going to see them, especially if you use them in the back links of your video. Increase customer service: Instead of putting that really long how-to manual into a PDF you can create a video that explains the details of their new product. Different videos for different situations, consumers will know where to turn when they have a problem, with no pesky wait times. It is personal: It lets your clients know that you are human. Sometimes when you get into the market world you forget that the behind everything there is a human calling the shots. This is just a reminder and usually gives consumers a different perspective on their purchases. It saves you money: creating your own videos is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. You create your own video and post it on your website, it only cost you a few hours and maybe some software. Testimonials add character: Having testimonials from your staff as well as satisfied customers shows that you are who you say you are. Once you have a few happy consumers you have some ground to stand on, so show it. Let people know your products do what you say they are supposed to do.
  2. When you started your website you may not have realized

    how much work it would be to keep customers coming back to your site. You need visitors and sales in order to survive. There are many tactics to increasing your traffic and sales SEO, social media marketing, and even video marketing. SEO and social media are used quite often for most companies, what about video marketing? What is video marketing? Video marketing is simply when you choose video as your way of communicating with your clientele. You can create a video to post on your website, link to your social media marketing, and place everywhere you will possibly get seen. This is as simple as placing a regular text ad but with a little more class. Video marketing tips Any number of videos can be made to promote your business and increase your website traffic as well as your sales.. Since more than 70% of marketers are using video to promote their business it is a good time to join in. One of the easiest options is a PowerPoint with a little voice over added to really drive your marketing home. Get it on YouTube. YouTube carries one of the highest reputations with Google, which means if someone searches keywords and YouTube is one of the first to show video results. If you are going to put your video anywhere put it on YouTube. Pair email marketing with video marketing. You should already have an email list for your monthly newsletter or your bi-weekly ad disbursement, include a video. Your emails will be much more effective with video, since they take less time and patience to view. Besides when someone sees a video, who doesn’t want to click the play button? Create your own YouTube channel or any other channel for that matter. YouTube is the biggest player in marketing channels but not the only one. If you create a channel your consumers will always know where to return to for updates. An added bonus is people can subscribe to your channel, consistent customers and residual income. SEO your video, this may sound a little tricky but really it’s a cinch. Of course search engines are not going to scrub your video for key words but you can transcript your video (typically in the description area) and give it a great optimized title. Although writing out what was said in your video is tedious it is also necessary. No one has to read it cause that it was your video is for of course; however your search ability becomes that much better when there are keywords to link to. Video marketing does not have to be complicated and should not be. The growing use of videos is creating a whole new world for marketing. It is the new commercial and the old commercial in one. Simply a commercial your way with your marketing information, make it work for you. Videos work 24/7 so you do not have to. There are many ways both cheap & expensive to create a video for your website business, but one thing is for sure... you need a video today!
  3. When you become a serious blogger or have developed a

    great online presence for your business you need money to come from somewhere. If you do not have paying supporters along with nonpaying supporters your ambitions will fizzle and smoke. How do you gain the loyalty of your readers? How do you turn them into great paying customers? Here are a few tips. Great content Having great content at all time is priceless. Customers will return time and time again to see what amazing information you can provide to them. Not everyone can produce original educational information so find your groove and stick with it. Try to keep the content fresh and informative. Once they learn they can trust the information you are offering, they will learn to trust you in general. Build a trusting relationship It is a proven fact people buy from people they trust. So gain the trust of your consumers and your entire audience. Use videos (Explainer, Demo and Whiteboard videos) that show your face so they can be on a more personal level. Introduce yourself and let them hear your voice. Be reliable and honest. The best way to build trust is to be trustworthy. If you are not honest in your dealings you will lose customers faster than you can make them. You must only make promises you can keep not only keep but guarantee. Do not risk the satisfaction of one customer just to save a few pennies. That one customer could make your video go viral with a few edits of their own, voicing their opinions of your bad business deals. Do not risk it, be fair and honest in all of your transactions. Create the need Consumers do not buy something unless they feel like they need it or can justify the need for it. Whether the consumer really needs it or not is not a concern. You need to make them feel like going without will disrupt the flow of their daily lives or the value of their life could be significantly increased with your product. Depending on your industry this could be the easiest or hardest part of your business. Socks for example is something everyone needs therefore you just have to convince your consumers that yours are the best because they are water proof or something. However being in the business of tutus is a little more difficult since you only have a targeted audience so you will need to get creative. Either way it is possible, just be sure you are creating that need on a regular basis. Let them know what you are offering and why you are the best. If a consumer does not know the difference in brands they are going to make a decision based off of price point instead of quality or specific descriptions. Give them a reason to pick you. Be honest when creating the need and be honest in every transaction. Offer a referral program bonus. The word of mouth is powerful and can be your best friend or greatest enemy. Use word of mouth advertising to your advantage. Get the hype you deserve. Keep your messages simple and to the point.
  4. Once you have established your business with an online presence

    you start making adjustments. You make adjustments and changes to keep things moving and growing. One question you may have come across is in regards to using a videos for website. Videos seem to be everywhere, should you be using them too? Do you like connecting with your clients? If you want your business to have a family like feel to it then videos could be right for you. You can sit down and record your monthly message to your consumers just to let them know what is going on. Many people are too busy to read everything on a website to you video could still keep your clients involved and in the know without wasting their time. Is your website busy? If your website already has a lot going on, a video may help or harm that issue. It could just add more chaos to the mix, however if executed properly it could get rid of some of the clutter. You could remove a few different pieces of information and reassemble them within a video. If you just want to add a video to your page for the heck of it, it probably is not a good idea. Everything on your site needs to be serving a purpose. Do you or don’t you? There are many types of videos you can place on your website, many ways of creating these videos. The question is, who will make and upload these videos? Are you going to stick with just doing a quick video from your desk ever month? Or is there the possibility of how-to videos, product reviews, and even satisfied customer interviews? You can always hire someone to create the types of videos you are looking for, if you have the cash flow. New businesses need an online presence to compete in today’s market place that does not mean they have the capital to pay someone to make a few videos. If you can create these videos yourself may be the deciding factor between jumping on the video band wagon and not. Do you already have ideas for videos? If just reading this article has sparked a fire, if you have ideas right now zooming around your head of great videos for your website, you probably should start using them. If nothing has popped into your head by this point, than you may not have a use for videos yet. Talk to your team, if you are your team then make a pros and cons list. What are all the good reasons to use videos? Why do you not need videos for your website? Videos have really revolutionized the way websites are spreading information and making it go even faster. Videos on your website can boost your client base as well as get more personal with your clients gaining their trust.
  5. Web competition is fierce, businesses are always looking for better

    ways of getting people to their sites and staying on their sites. An interesting turn has taken place, sales videos have taken over where normal long areas of text used to be. Why are businesses turning to sales videos to spread their message? Videos VS text It does not matter what font you use videos will always portray more than a bunch of words can. You have the benefit of words, sound, and actions when you use videos. No reason for people to get frustrated with words they do not understand, no chance of being long winded so they stop reading, and let’s face it videos leave room to be funny and educational where text cannot. Make a deeper connection When your customers can see and hear you they tend to feel closer to you, they develop a trust more quickly. They can hear your message and feel the words you are using through the emotions you portray. Customers who feel they can trust you are more likely to keep returning and refer their friends as well. Many consumers prefer video over text, for a number of reasons. You can speak to a whole new group of people thanks to the non- necessity to read. Sales Videos can do it all Sometimes trying to explain something on paper can be so difficult, especially when referring to a particular product or service. When writing a description of your hottest sale it might come off as drab or confusing to the consumer. With a sales video this is much more unlikely to happen, you can show the product, demo the product, interview satisfied customers, show step by step exactly how to use it. Most people are visual learners having the option to watch someone demonstrate the product is obviously a visual stimulus. Questions are easier answered when shown You can answer a question a hundred ways on paper and still not get the point across. Simply writing out the steps then trying to describe the end result to your consumers can be much more difficult than you can imagine. Trying to be very specific in details for the instructions can also turn your ‘simple steps’ into hundreds of words and not so simple. Not that text is horrible, think about what is going to benefit your consumers the most. Think about your target audience: Do they have time to read pages of text? Do you want to make sure they get key pieces of information? Can your text portray the information in the tone and expression you want to use? Is it just a quick text? These are all questions that can help you decide which way to communicate your messages. Most business do use both text and sales videos, this allows them to connect with even bigger audiences and at a faster pace. You know your business better than anyone, you will have to decide what is best and how to use a sales videos to your advantage.