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What is wrong with JS?

969032d35b52cb11615786229e80ede7?s=47 Filip Zrůst
February 27, 2014

What is wrong with JS?

Thoughts about the language, the community and the web. There are simple code examples at GitHub (https://github.com/frzng/what-is-wrong-with-js).

Referenced works:
- Jim Weirich - Adventures in Functional Programming (http://vimeo.com/45140590)
- Ben Moseley & Peter Marks - Out of the Tar Pit (http://shaffner.us/cs/papers/tarpit.pdf)


Filip Zrůst

February 27, 2014


  1. What is wrong with JS?

  2. Adventures in Functional Programming Jim Weirich 1956-2014

  3. Filip Zrůst’s negativistic presentation What is wrong with JS? Thoughts

    about! the language! the community! the web
  4. I❤
 J S

  5. Ecosystem + Reason to exist! + History! + Opinion leaders!

    + Direction! + Execution - Community size! - Scope size! - Rich support
  6. Out of the Tar Pit
 Ben Moseley & Peter

  7. –Alan Kay “In the last 25 years or so, we

    actually got something like a pop culture.”
  8. History ❖ most misunderstood language! ❖ preserved design flaws! ❖

    standardized and wide-spread Douglas Crockford
  9. Language ❖ clumsy reflection! ❖ most object features hidden, or!

    ❖ not really! ❖ no serious meta! ❖ classes?!! ❖ where's stdlib? Brendan Eich (Mozilla Press Center)
  10. Community ❖ full-stack mantra! ❖ reinventing the wheel! ❖ ecstatic

    for no reason! ❖ throwing bodies at problems! ❖ pop culture Addy Osmani (photo from GitHub]
  11. –Alan Kay “The Web was done by amateurs.”

  12. WWW ❖ driving force! ❖ uncertainty! ❖ very very troubling

    history! ❖ hacks/shims/pseudo standards and other germs Marc Andreessen by Joi Ito
  13. – Martin Trojer, Xively (EuroClojure 2013) “Rails is not working

    out. So, what is the next hipstery thing? Node…”
  14. Node.js ❖ niche! ❖ limited basic environment! ❖ limited by

    JS development! ❖ better alternatives for heavy data and near RT Timothy J Fontaine (photo from Twitter]
  15. Bright side ❖ asm.js

  16. Wrap-up ❖ bad history! ❖ low-level! ❖ questionable goals! ❖

    pop culture! ❖ driven by browsers! ❖ universal VM
  17. Thank you and something about me… Filip Zrůst @frzng Freelancing

    naysayer! FP enthusiast! Idealist