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When you say DevOps

969032d35b52cb11615786229e80ede7?s=47 Filip Zrůst
September 15, 2016

When you say DevOps

A presentation which further explores automation as part of DevOps principles. That automation is best fulfilled by adopting continuous integration and delivery practices. It also stresses that even in the age of GitHub flow mainline (trunk-based or master-based) development makes sense for probably most of the code we are writing and that we are often blindly adopting processes suitable for large open source projects.

There is an example given during presentation which can be found at https://github.com/frzng/toggles-example. Original Keynote presentation can be found at https://www.icloud.com/keynote/0ASyPrXNsy-wMueAVNkFOfYQw#When_you_say_DevOps.


Filip Zrůst

September 15, 2016


  1. Filip Zrůst presents When you say DevOps Automate the hell

    out of your system
  2. DevOps by John Willis Culture Automation Measurement Sharing C A

    M S
  3. Context

  4. Automation

  5. –Neal Ford “As soon as you have humans doing repetitive

    tasks on behalf of computers, they all get together late at night and laugh at you.”
  6. Automation Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

  7. Continuous Integration Mainline development

  8. No branches?!

  9. NO! !

  10. –Dan North (@tastapod) https://twitter.com/tastapod/status/773268132014292992 “We should never have moved away

    from vinyl.”
  11. Continuous Integration Mainline development, except: ❖ throw-away experiments ❖ release

  12. Continuous Integration Feature toggles

  13. Continuous Integration Branching by abstraction

  14. Continuous Integration Incremental database changes Very high test coverage

  15. Continuous Integration Mainline development Feature toggles Branching by abstraction Incremental

    database changes Very high test coverage
  16. Continuous Delivery Deployment pipeline ❖ Fast feedback quickly ❖ Separate/parallelize

    slower stages Automated and versioned infrastructure
  17. Feature Toggle Example

  18. When you say DevOps I hear… Culture, Automation, Measurement and

    Sharing Developers should change: ❖ their mindset about being the most important ❖ by learning and adopting proven practices ❖ by adopting CI/CD mindset
  19. One more thing…

  20. We are hiring!

  21. Thank you and something about me… Filip Zrůst @frzng Freelancing

    naysayer FP enthusiast Idealist Runner