A Linux server administration tutorial for beginners

A Linux server administration tutorial for beginners

Linux 1-day workshop contents
This workshop covers the basic technologies and practices necessary for administering a Linux server. No prior knowledge of Linux is assumed.

Through guided hands-on exercises, by the end of the workshop, the participant is expected to have an understanding and practical knowledge of the following:

* A short history of Linux
* Architecture
* Virtualisation and hosting of Linux servers as virtual machines.
* Secure remote access for remote management
* Upgrading
* User management
* File system
* Networking, including Samba (for Windows networking)
* Backup tools and practices
* Server software (web, database, LAMP, FTP, NFS, email)
* Firewall
* Software management
* Job scheduling with cron
* Vim the Unix universal text editor
* Webmin for web-based administration
* Rsync for file syncrhonisation


Peter Dalmaris

June 17, 2012