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Digital Service .gov

Digital Service .gov

What if your gov would provide services as good than private sector... Say better than google.

Digital by Default - Services so good that people prefer to use them

Simon Perdrisat

March 19, 2013

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  1. I'm Simon another developer Working on tools that make your

    everyday life easier and solve concrete problems make me happy. [email protected] [email protected] gagarine all around the web... http://democratieouverte.org
  2. What if your gov would provide services as good than

    private sector... Say better than google.
  3. Develop digital capability throughout the civil service All departments will

    ensure that they have the right levels of digital capability in-house, including specialist skills.
  4. Redesign transactional services to meet a new digital by default

    service standard All departments will undertake end-to-end service redesign of all transactional services with over 100,000 transactions each year. All new or redesigned transactional services going live after April 2014 will meet a new digital by default service standard.
  5. Complete the transition to GOV.UK 24 central government departments will

    move onto GOV.UK by March 2013, with agency [..] to follow by March 2014.
  6. Increase the number of people who use digital services [..]

    and look at ways to use incentives to encourage digital adoption.
  7. Provide consistent services for people who have rarely or never

    been online Do not leave anyone behind. Provide appropriate support for these people to use digital services and other ways to access services for people who need them.
  8. Build common technology platforms for digital by default services Cabinet

    Office will lead in the definition and delivery of a new suite of common technology platforms, to underpin the new generation of digital by default services.
  9. Remove unnecessary legislative barriers Cabinet Office will work with departments

    to amend legislation that unnecessarily prevents us from developing straightforward, convenient digital services.
  10. Base service decisions on accurate and timely management information Departments

    will supply a consistent set of management information.
  11. Improve the way that the government makes policy and communicates

    with people Departments will encourage policy teams to use a wider range of digital tools to communicate with and consult people, both within the UK and overseas.
  12. Conducted research to develop a deep knowledge of who the

    service users are, what the user needs are, and what that implies for their digital and assisted digital service design First...
  13. It really isn't rocket science, you start with user needs.

    Repeat after me: start with user need.