Talking Type

E511d4b7eaae691efed5fcc1d5e2c994?s=47 Gareth Strange
January 29, 2015

Talking Type

Talk given at Design Stuff Cardiff #9.

Designers or not, typography plays a huge role in our day to day lives. It’s everywhere we look and it’s carefully considered, most of the time. I’m going to talk about the power of typography and why it fascinates me so much. I will also be discussing how things are changing in print and on the web.

Being a designer for the last five years, I’ve had many great experiences with typography and it would be great to share some of those stories. However, I will also be using this talk to get a few type based frustrations off my chest to a room of people who will hopefully understand. Kind of like therapy.


Gareth Strange

January 29, 2015