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Going it Alone

A9179349dd2bdc67f377719f56d85656?s=47 Garrett Dimon
September 08, 2011

Going it Alone

A presentation from SchnitzelConf 2010 about the trials and tribulations of a solo founder of a hosted web application.


Garrett Dimon

September 08, 2011


  1. Going it Alone Staying sane as a solo founder. *

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  3. 2003 2011 Launch Dream Quit Full-time Beta 2008

  4. 2003 2011 Launch Dream Quit Full-time Beta 2008

  5. 2003 2011 Launch Dream Quit Full-time Engaged Wedding House Honeymoon

    Beta 2008
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  9. Learn to multitask. A good day is only slightly chaotic.

  10. Learn new things. Welcome to the discomfort zone.

  11. Support is your feedback loop. Rarely convenient. Always useful.

  12. Set expectations. For their sake and yours.

  13. Set yourself up. Nothing beats automation and remote administration.

  14. Get mobile. Problems don’t won’t wait for you to be

    at your desk.
  15. Don’t worry. Emergencies rarely are.

  16. Invest in monitoring. Monitoring tools are the new co-founders.

  17. Think long-term. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  18. Reach out. Other founders are like virtual support groups.

  19. Take care of yourself. Remember, you’re a single point of

    failure now.
  20. Friends & Family rule. They are the next best thing

    to co-founders.
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  22. Prepare for bad days. Just pick yourself up.

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  24. Celebrate. All work and no play...

  25. Thanks. @garrettdimon