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Shipping at Stripe

Shipping at Stripe

How Stripe ships software (presented at HNLondon).


Greg Brockman

January 29, 2014


  1. #shipping at Stripe Greg Brockman Stripe CTO // @thegdb

  2. Beta from 1, ship at 9 0 10 Project completion

  3. Minimize distance to the first production use Time to shard

    everything: 3 months (projected) ! Time to shard internal collection: 1 week
  4. We are not special

  5. Bus factor: not just for bus accidents

  6. Build vs run

  7. Manage rather than eliminate technical debt Image Credit: Philippe Kruchten

  8. Design the best possible product, and incrementally modify until it

    can be built.
  9. Design dictators

  10. Email transparency. SRFCs.

  11. Greg Brockman Stripe CTO // @thegdb