[Dawid Ostrowski] Lean Startup with Google

[Dawid Ostrowski] Lean Startup with Google

Presentation from GDG DevFest Ukraine 2015 - the biggest Google related event in the country. October 23-24, Lviv. Learn more at http://devfest.gdg.org.ua/


Google Developers Group Lviv

October 23, 2015



    Startup with Google Dawid Ostrowski Developer Relations Program Manager @ Google
  2. #dfua Why do I talk about startups?

  3. #dfua Confidential and proprietary The Lean Startup as a scientific

    approach photo by Betsy Weber, CC BY 2.0
  4. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Who said it’s good? Steve Blank

    lecturer, Stanford University Marc Andreessen investor, co-founder of Netscape Tom Eisenmann Harvard Business School
  5. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Who succeeded with the Lean approach?

    IMVU 3d world of avatars over 50M registered users $40M of annual revenue 100+ employees Intuit / SnapTax Tax and accounting products Innovation from 7k people company 350k installations in the first 3 weeks Dropbox Personal cloud for documents From 100k users to over 4M in 15 months Wealthfront Access to investment managers Platform manages $200M Processing over $2M a day
  6. Validated learning

  7. #dfua Confidential and proprietary VISION PRODUCT STRATEGY How to drive

    a startup?
  8. #dfua Confidential and proprietary VISION PRODUCT STRATEGY Pivot Optimization Change

    is the only constant in life...
  9. #dfua Confidential and proprietary validated learning the unit of progress

  10. Build - Measure - Learn

  11. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Build-Measure-Learn process BUILD Measure LEARN MEASURE

  12. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Feedback loop BUILD MEASURE LEARN Product

    Data Ideas
  13. Minimum Viable Product

  14. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Not so good MVP

  15. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Better MVP

  16. Validate ideas

  17. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Apps Collaborate in the Cloud,

    publish quickly, get feedback
  18. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Apps Script Create add-ons, automate

    your workflow, integrate with external APIs
  19. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Trends How to figure out

    what users are up to?
  20. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google AdWords Keyword Planner Do users

    search for the solution? Do they really have a problem?
  21. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Consumer Surveys Survey the web

  22. Employ best practices

  23. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Follow the platform guidelines Ensure your

    design is robust and integrates well
  24. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Follow the platform guidelines Android Creative

    Vision and Design Principles get to know me let me make it mine decide for me but let me have the final say only show what I need when I need it never lose my stuff
  25. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Consult checklists Prepare for publishing Launch

    Checklist Localization Checklist Core App Quality Tablet App Quality Education Guidelines Google Play policies
  26. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Checklist example

  27. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Introduce App Indexing A better search

    experience for apps and users
  28. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Material Design Consistent cross-platform experience Material

    is the metaphor Bold, graphic, intentional Motion provides meaning
  29. Build & Iterate

  30. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Build for a Multi-Screen World What

    form-factor will be best for your users? Wear TV Auto
  31. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Sign-In Create more powerful and

    engaging experience by allowing users to securely sign in in to your app Add Google Sign-In Enable over-the-air installs Pull profile info
  32. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Play Game Services Take your

    games to the next level Achievements Leaderboards Advanced leaderboards Real-time Multiplayer Turn-based Multiplayer Events and Quests Saved Games
  33. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Cloud Platform - Compute Run

    on Google’s infrastructure Compute Engine VMs hosted on Google’ s infrastructure IaaS App Engine Deploy your app to a fully-managed platform PaaS Container Engine Run Docker containers powered by Kubernetes
  34. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Cloud Platform - Storage Store

    data Google’s infrastructure Cloud SQL Fully-managed relational MySQL database Cloud Storage Object storage service with global edge- caching Cloud Datastore Managed NoSQL, schemaless database
  35. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Cloud Platform - Launcher Launch

    your favorite software with a few clicks
  36. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Firebase Simple backend for your mobile

    and web app
  37. Measure & Learn

  38. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Analytics Track and report web

    and mobile traffic Measure what matters Assign value to user goals Know your flows Analyze Google Play Referral Flow Use Content Experiments
  39. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Get information out of Google Play

    Introduce alfa and/or beta tests Use staged rollouts Pay attention to Alerts in Developers Console Read (&reply) to user reviews Use crash reports to improve your app Consider implementing Optimization Tips
  40. #dfua Confidential and proprietary PageSpeed Insights Make your web pages

    fast on all devices
  41. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google BigQuery Analyze Big Data in

    the cloud Big Query Run fast, SQL-like queries against multi- terabyte datasets in seconds
  42. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Google Prediction API Use Google’s machine

    learning to analyze data and predict future outcomes Prediction API API to Google’s machine learning algorithms and infrastructure Customer sentiment analysis Spam detection Message routing decisions Upsell opportunity analysis Document and email classification Diagnostics Churn analysis Suspicious activity identification Recommendation systems
  43. Join the movement

  44. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Community Google Developer Groups Women Techmakers

    Google Developer Experts
  45. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Udacity courses Learn Android, Cloud and

    Web Development from Google’s top experts 16 courses on Android 8 courses on Web Development 2 courses on Cloud 6 courses for Tech Entrepreneurs
  46. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Launchpad Technology, events, online resources, expertise

    and community Scale Stage UX reviews by Google Experts Invitation to Google Experts network for 1:1 consultations Start Stage AdWords promotional offers UserTesting trial Local events
  47. #dfua Confidential and proprietary Campus Warsaw

  48. Thank you! Questions? Questions? @dapios google.com/+DawidOstrowski

  49. one more thing...

  50. #dfua