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Top Strategic Trends in IT Industry

Top Strategic Trends in IT Industry

GDP Labs

July 07, 2021

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  1. 1 Top Strategic Trends in IT Industry

  2. 2 SPEAKERS Kevin Yauris Senior AI Engineer Hermes Vincentius Gani

    Principal Software Development Engineer Stefanus Christofan Senior Software Development Engineer
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  7. 7 1. Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 2. IT

    Careers 3. How to Prepare Outline
  8. 8 Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

  9. 9 Top Strategic Technology Trends People Centric Location Independence Resilient

    Delivery Internet Behaviors Distributed Cloud Intelligent Composable Business Total Experience Anywhere Operations AI Engineering Privacy-Enhancing Computation Cybersecurity Mesh Hyperautomation Source: Gartner Combinatorial Innovation
  10. 10 Top Strategic Technology Trends Internet of Behavior 1. Capture

    and use the “digital dust” of peoples’ daily lives 2. This data will be used to understand and influence human behavior 3. IoB does have ethical and societal implications depending on the goals and outcomes of individual uses People-Centric
  11. 11 Source: Biometric Update

  12. 12 Top Strategic Technology Trends Total Experience (TX) 1. Total

    experience tightly links multi experience, customer experience, employee experience and user experience to transform the business outcome 2. This creates a seamless experience between all linked parties 3. Especially prevalent thanks to COVID-19 People-Centric
  13. 13 Top Strategic Technology Trends Privacy-Enhancing Computation 1. Provides a

    trusted environment in which sensitive data can be processed or analyzed 2. Performs processing and analytics in a decentralized manner 3. Encrypts data and algorithms before processing or analytics People-Centric
  14. 14 Source: Hashedout

  15. 15 Top Strategic Technology Trends Distributed Cloud Distributed cloud is

    where cloud services are distributed to different physical locations, but the operation, governance and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider Location Independence
  16. 16 Source: Atomia

  17. 17 Top Strategic Technology Trends Anywhere Operations 1. Allows for

    business to be accessed, delivered and enabled anywhere — where customers, employers and business partners operate in physically remote environments 2. “Digital first, remote first” 3. Through 2023, 40% of organizations will blend virtual and physical experiences leading to increased workforce productivity and customer reach Location Independence
  18. 18 Source: JakartaPost

  19. 19 Top Strategic Technology Trends Cybersecurity Mesh 1. Cybersecurity mesh

    is a distributed architectural approach to scalable, flexible and reliable cybersecurity control 2. Focuses on authorization based on identity; the security revolves around a person or a thing Location Independence
  20. 20 Source: thetestspecimen

  21. 21 Top Strategic Technology Trends Intelligent Composable Business 1. An

    intelligent composable business is one that can adapt and fundamentally rearrange itself based on a current situation 2. Organizations must enable better access to information, augment that information with better insight And have the ability to respond quickly to the implications of that insight Resilient Delivery
  22. 22

  23. 23 Top Strategic Technology Trends AI Engineering 1. The problem

    with AI right now is the fact that it is hard to maintain and hard to scale 2. Incorporate DevOps for AI Resilient Delivery
  24. 24

  25. 25 Top Strategic Technology Trends Hyperautomation 1. Anything that can

    be automated in an organization should be automated 2. Focus on efficiency, efficacy and business agility Resilient Delivery
  26. 26 Source: Gartner

  27. 27 Top Strategic Technology Trends Blockchain 1. Decentralized ledger of

    transactions that are distributed across a network of computers 2. Built on top of blocks that are chained through means of cryptography Additional Trends
  28. 28 Top Strategic Technology Trends Cryptocurrency 1. Digital asset built

    on top of blockchain technology - promotes anonymous, secure, and well-verified transactions 2. Can cryptographically verify ownership without revealing owner’s identity Additional Trends
  29. 29 IT Careers

  30. 30 IT Careers Data Analyst AI Engineer/Data Scientist Product Manager

    Software Development Engineer Site Reliability Engineer UI/UX Designer Security Engineer
  31. Responsibilities 1. Design, develop, test, maintain, rewrite, refactor, scale, deploy

    new/existing software products 2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills Requirements 1. Work well in a fast-paced environment 2. Excellent understanding of algorithms, programming paradigms, and architectural skills 3. High initiative, strong analytical skills, and high attention to detail 31 Software Development Engineer
  32. Responsibilities 1. Build models using machine learning, design and develop

    end-to-end machine learning pipeline 2. Use built models to produce prediction or recommendation Requirements 1. Machine Learning 2. Data Mining 3. Big Data 4. Database 32 AI Engineer / Data Scientist
  33. Responsibilities 1. Analyzes data to find important trends 2. Data

    Driven insight Requirements 1. Numerical and analytical skills 2. Data analysis tools 3. Database 4. Data modelling, and data enrichment techniques 5. Big Data 33 Data Analyst
  34. Responsibilities 1. Build, package, release, and maintain system and infrastructure

    2. Combination of responsibility of sysadmin, network engineer, release engineer, and DevOps engineer Requirements 1. Experience in installing, configuring,and troubleshooting Unix/Linux based environments 2. Solid scripting skills 3. Good networking knowledge 4. Experience in the administration and performance tuning of application stack 5. Experience in control version system 34 Site Reliability Engineer
  35. 35 Security Engineer Responsibilities 1. Ensure the software solution security

    2. Tests, finds out vulnerability, and suggests secure solution Requirements 1. Penetration and vulnerability testing 2. Secure coding practices 3. Ethical hacking 4. Threat modeling 5. Secure network architectures
  36. Responsibilities 1. Managing the entire product life cycle from strategic

    planning to tactical activities 2. Specifying market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by on-going visits to customers and non-customers Requirements 1. Product management experience 2. Ability to quickly learn 3. Excellent communications/customer interfacing skill 4. Able to deal with ambiguity and prioritize issues 36 Product Manager
  37. Responsibilities 1. Driving the design of new products as well

    as new features, interactions, and visuals for multi-device applications like mobile and desktop Requirements 1. Expertise in various design & prototyping tools 2. Understand applicable user experience principles and usabilities 3. Creative and innovative 37 UI/UX Designer
  38. 38 How To Prepare

  39. 39 How To Prepare Read Technology Books

  40. 40 How To Prepare Take Online Course

  41. 41 How To Prepare Subscribe to Technology News

  42. 42 How To Prepare Practice Competitive Programming

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