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Geoffrey Chappell

May 23, 2021


  1. Two characters leaving town for their adventure camping trip.

  2. None
  3. Dialogue: Friend 2: Are we getting close? I’m dying back

  4. None
  5. Dialogue: Friend 1: You know when I asked you to

    come with me on this two day trip I wasn’t expecting you to pack for two weeks.
  6. None
  7. Friend 1 starts to panic, he hears a noise of

    into the distance.
  8. None
  9. None
  10. Dialogue: Friend 1: Well? Do you hear it?? Friend 2:

    Nope, nada, I don’t hear or see anything... I’m starting to think you’re starting to lose it man.
  11. None
  12. None
  13. Dazed and confused to what just happened the to friends

    lay on the ground until they collect themselves.
  14. Dialogue: Friend 1: You know what that looks like?? Friend

    2: Hmmm, looks like a giant chicken egg? Friend 1: No goof, that looks like a dragons egg.
  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. Dialogue: Friend 1: RUN!!!!

  19. None
  20. Dialogue: Dragon: RETURN TO ME WHAT IS MINE!!!

  21. Dialogue: Friend 2: psst...hey ummm why don’t we just do

    what what he asked? I’d like to live to see my next birthday.
  22. Dialogue: Friend 1: Why? Finders keepers...

  23. Dialogue: Friend 1: ugh... Okay we are coming out so

    please don’t roast us like the three little pigs...
  24. None
  25. None
  26. None
  27. None
  28. Dialogue: Friend 2: Yeaaaaaaah, I’m gonna assume we can head

    home now.