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Hungarian Webkonf: Why Node.js?

Hungarian Webkonf: Why Node.js?

My talk for the Hungarian webkonf, targeting newcomers to get a feeling of node.js and inspire them to learn it.


Gergely Nemeth

November 09, 2014

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  1. JAVASCRIPT - created in 1995 - runs in every major

    browser - prototype-based, dynamic typing, first- class functions
  2. THE PAYPAL CASE-STUDY - Headcount: from ⅓ to 1/10 -

    Performance: 10x throughput in scale - Lines of code: code size shrink by factor of 3-5
  3. NPM - open repository for Node modules - proper SemVer

    - more than 100.000 modules - open source all the things!
  4. BROWSERIFY - require('modules') in the browser - bundling up all

    of your dependencies from the node_modules dir - does not pollute the global scope http://blog.risingstack.com/publishing-your-first-browserify-node-module/