One of many of Gabriel's Investor Presentations for MyGrove

72285c6f3aa570459669de458456362d?s=47 Gabriel Martinez
March 25, 2014

One of many of Gabriel's Investor Presentations for MyGrove

MyGrove was a private social network for baby boomers. Gabriel worked on developing the alpha product and investor materials.


Gabriel Martinez

March 25, 2014


  1. We are focused on becoming the gateway through which Active

    Adults experience the internet
  2. Community Builders, Home Owners Associations & Property Management Companies Hold

    the keys to a targeted, wealthy, and captivated audience… But lack the platform to extract additional profit Active Adult
  3. We work with Community Managers to convert Club Leaders into

    MyGrove ambassadors Adoption is encouraged from the top down & MyGrove propagates their Community online We build a direct pipeline to efficiently sell products and services
  4. Connecting made easy Easy-to-use social engagement platform tailored for the

    needs of Active Adults, supporting their sense of purpose and accomplishment. For Active Adults, their Clubs & Communities… how to live now Better Resident Services  Transition residents to online HOA payments  Event announcement and coordination  Lifestyle improvement and provoked sharing  Community advertising through resident generated content and sharing For Community Managers… Add-on Service Revenue Sharing  Increase efficiency of current services offered  Provide access to revenue from new services  Reduce cost of sales lead generation  Increase brand value Our mission is to embolden and unleash the individual creativity and passion of this generation and give them an easy and rewarding way to share their lives with a community of like-minded Grovers. And…
  5. MyGrove Increases Customer Revenue Social Engagement Platform Improves -Communication with

    Residents -Resident Quality of Life -Community Brand Increase in Current Sales & Services Improves -Resident Participation -Fee/Dues Collection -Home Sales -Sales Lead Generation New Sales & Service Offerings Introduces Sales in -Insurance -Home Security -Home Rentals -Medical Devices -Healthcare Services -eCommerce -Event Tickets Reduces Costs -Consolidates Communication Services -Decreases Calls to Management Increases Revenue -Digital and Print Advertising Reduces Costs -Efficiency of Scale -Reduced Fee Transaction Costs -Cheaper/More Efficient Lead Generation Increases Revenue -Home Sales through Resident Networks Shared Revenue through -Direct Service Sales to Residents -Service Sales Commissions -Product Sales Commissions -Event Sales Commissions We are a Product & Service Distribution Platform built on a Core Social Engagement Network for 55+’ers New Sales & Service Offerings Increased Current Sales Core Platform And solves operational Pain Points
  6. MyGrove Service or Product Home Owners Associations Property Management Company

    Community Builders Revenue Increasing Services Home Sales Home Insurance Home Security Home Rentals Digital Advertising Print Advertising Life Insurance Medical Devices Healthcare Services Other eCommerce Event Ticket Sales Cost Reducing Services Communication with Residents Processing Fees/Mortgages Lead Generation - Digital Lead Generation - Print Profit with MyGrove Current Profit MyGrove increases customer profit, or produces profit where previously not possible Profit with MyGrove Current Profit Current Profit We share revenue with customers in exchange for access to communities and encouraged resident adoption
  7. MyGrove’s target users are Active Adults 55 years and better

    25% = 80 Million people (2010) Of the US Population 75% = $2 Trillion Of the US Wealth spent annually on products and services living in 6,000+ Managed communities 26% = 100 Million people in 2014 Projected Growth 20% = 15 Million Of 55+ Active Adults
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