CleanCrowd Pitch Deck Example

CleanCrowd Pitch Deck Example

One of the many decks used for promoting CleanCrowd to investors and accelerators, etc.


Gabriel Martinez

March 23, 2014


  1. CleanCrowd, LLC • 802.242.1293 • External summary: We use

    our #PayItAround Lending Model to fund #Green Companies through #Crowdfunding Backers looking to do #Good and get money back. twitter: @CleanCrowd facebook: /CleanCrowd linkedin: /CleanCrowd Internal summary: We create a large portfolio of future value assets using other people’s money, while doing Good in the progress.
  2. Most Startup, Early, and Growth Stage Companies Need Working Capital

    Mission-Driven Crowd Funders Are Looking for Good Opportunities ©2012 All Rights Reserved Problem
  3. Solution For Companies ©2012 All Rights Reserved

  4. Solution For the Crowd ©2012 All Rights Reserved

  5. Market Reward 43% Donation 28% Equity 15% Lending 14% Crowdfunding

    Portals (536 globally, estimated 2012) $2.8 Billion (estimated total raised in 2012) Market Segments Important Trends  Crowd-sourced capital has low expectation for return  Focused more on mission than finances  Bigger buy-in when something will be returned  Accrediteds invest more money per person  Non-Accrediteds gather bigger crowds Model Reward Lending Equity Donation CleanCrowd Who Can Participate Anyone Anyone Accrediteds Anyone Anyone Time to Some Return 1 - 2 Years 0 Years 6 - 10 Years N/A 0 – 2 Years Expected IRR <0% 8% >50% <0% 0 / 15% 2012 Market Growth (CAGR) 79% 50% 114% 41% N/A Biggest Competitors Dominant US Site Kickstarter LendingClub CircleUp Total $ Raised 291M 847M 2.89M Total Campaigns 29,123 74,183 4 Average $ per Campaign 16,900 11,900 722,000 Most $ per Campaign >10M 35k 1M Most # Backers in a Campaign 87,000 ~100 36 Total Users >2M 41,000 ~300 ©2012 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6.5% Servicing Fee + Option Interest Interest Principal Principal Revenue

    Model Later Potential: - Targeted Advertising - Model Licensing ©2012 All Rights Reserved Cash Flow Company Campaign Crowd Crowd Charities, Carbon Offsets, New Campaigns Pay It Around ‘Clean Points’ Revenue Campaign Close Monthly Revenue Payments Servicing Fees cover operating costs and good profit Options build a large portfolio of future value assets 6.5% Servicing Fee Reinvestment & Recovery Fund
  7. Projections Projected Financials 2013 2014 2015 2016 Funded Campaigns 36

    48 60 72 Servicing Revenue 2,350,000 3,200,000 4,180,000 5,450,000 Gross Margin 53% 59% 67% 73% Funds under Management 550,000 1,350,000 2,500,000 4,400,000 NPV of Warrant Portfolio 10,200,000 25,200,000 45,900,000 72,800,000 Average Campaign Size: $1,000,000 Post Campaign Success Rate: 50% Present Value Discount Rate: 15% ©2012 All Rights Reserved Critical Drivers
  8. Technology Web Site is in Beta ©2012 All Rights Reserved

  9. Driving Traffic We will actively work to drive and convert

    traffic through:  Cross-Promotional Relationships with Charities and Carbon Offsetters Our model directly benefits these organizations: they have an interest in promoting us to their users  Deal Flow Exchanges with Private Clean Energy Funds First funds (‘seeds’) may come from Private Funds in exchange for variable second round benefits: Private Funds get to incubate and follow potential investments before make a full commitment  Campaign Networks Campaingers alert, update, and leverage their own social networks to bring users to the site  Users Sharing Good Deeds Users let their networks know about the good they do in funding campaigns and charities  General Low Cost, High Impact Advertising SEO, Ad Wwords, sharing materials across multiple platforms, etc. ©2012 All Rights Reserved
  10. Start 2011 Momentum ©2012 All Rights Reserved Full Site Work

    2012 2013 Temp Site Currently: 14 Viable Companies to launch 4 Already generating revenue 700 Potential Funders signed up 3 Partner Charities interested 2 Private Funds interested Site built and in testing/tweaking Closed Beta Testing -Reviewed with 10 Firms to: Conform to SEC Regulations & Conform to Licensed Lender Laws -Filed 2 Patent Applications Legal Review and Consultation Market Research Develop Partnerships Confirm Value Proposition Refine Biz Model Launch Fund Campaigns -Started as Envestex -Polled funds seekers -Polled potential funders -Developed Android App -Changed to CleanCrowd -Defined Pay It Around model -Companies applied for campaigns -Backers signed up to fund -Positive response received from: EDF (~700k members) Sierra Club (~1.4M members) WWF ( ~5M members) Several Private Investment Funds Plan Design Build Operate
  11. Future ©2012 All Rights Reserved • Launch • Close First

    Successful Transactions Phase 1: Establish Site and Brand Time: 3-6 months Need: $100k (Team & Legal) • Integrate User Tools (e.g. Green Index) • Grow User Base • Establish Cross-Promotional Relationships Phase 2: Grow Time: 12-24 months Need: $0 (Funded by Sales) • Transition to Profit Bearing Model (Requires IPO or Reverse Merger) • Add Business Categories outside of Green ( Phase 3: Transition Time: 12-18 months Need: ~$3M (Financial/Legal) • Become dominant Crowd-Sourced commercial lending service Phase 4: Expand Time: ∞ Need: $0 (Funded by Sales)
  12. None