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CleanCrowd Application Deck Example

CleanCrowd Application Deck Example

Put this example and guide together for folks applying to campaign for funds through some great responses.


Gabriel Martinez

April 02, 2014


  1. Pitch Deck Instructions Following is a description of the 10

    slides you should use as your initial application for a CleanCrowd campaign. A similar presentation will be used in your campaign to explain what you do to the Crowd. This is a guide and suggestion, not a template. Please feel free to adapt your existing deck to fit our structure, or if you have a deck that covers everything, use it. © 2012 CleanCrowd, LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. Tweetable Pitch Tell us what your company is doing or

    developing, who is your target audience, how you solve their problem, and what makes you unique. Must be less than 140 characters = fits in a Twitter post Add your Twitter handle, Facebook username, and LinkedIn pagename Example: We use our #PayItAround Lending Model to fund #Green Companies through #Crowdfunding Backers looking to do #Good and get money back. (1) twitter: @CleanCrowd facebook: /CleanCrowd linkedin: /CleanCrowd
  3. Team Tell us about the principal managers and advisors of

    the company. How many employees do you have (part-time, full-time, etc). Include a link to each person’s LinkedIn profile. (2)
  4. Problem What is the problem that you solve for your

    customers? Why is it a problem? How big of a problem is it? (3)
  5. Solution What is your solution to the problem? What does

    your product/service do to solve the problem? (4)
  6. Market Who is your target customer, how many are there?

    What are they willing to pay? How big is the overall market (use $)? What are the important market segments and trends? (5)
  7. Competition Who are your biggest competitors? What makes you different?

    How will you compete? (6)
  8. Momentum Where are you in development (alpha, beta, deployed)? What

    is your development/deployment schedule and horizon? What Intellectual Property to you have? If you are pre-market: How have you validated the problem, solution, and customers? What proof do you have that your plan will work? If you are in the market: Where are you? How many customers do you have? Are you making money? (7)
  9. Revenue Model How are you going to make money? Include

    basic financial projections with at least: - Gross Revenue - Gross Margin - Headcount If you have operating history, include the last three years What kind of momentum to you expect to have in the next year? (8)
  10. Secret Green Sauce What makes you unique? How are you

    Green? What positive environmental impact do you have? How big is your impact? (9)
  11. Funding Need How much money do you need? For what

    do you need it? How will you use it to be successful? (10)