A Groovy journey in Open Source land

A Groovy journey in Open Source land

In dog years... err... Open Source years, the Groovy programming language project is a very mature and successful one, as its 12+ million downloads a year can attest. The Groovy language is certainly the most widely deployed alternative language of the JVM today. But how do we go from a hobby night & week-end project to professionally company sponsored? And back again to hobby mode but joining the wider Apache Software Foundation community?

Guillaume will guide you through the history of the project, its latest developments, and its recent news, outlining the importance of a community around an Open Source project.

Also, we'll discuss what it means to contribute, when it's your hobby or as a paid committer -- what does it change? What it means to join the Apache community, what the impact of professional Open Source is, and more.


Guillaume Laforge

June 02, 2016