Deep Dive: Dialogflow

Deep Dive: Dialogflow

During the Devoxx Belgium conference, I participated in a deep dive session presenting conversational interfaces tools, including Google's own Dialogflow, in details, and saying a few words about Google Assistant and Actions on Google.


Guillaume Laforge

November 06, 2017


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    Confidential & Proprietary Deep-dive into And how to enrich the

    Google Assistant with your own apps, thanks to Actions on Google
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    Confidential & Proprietary Chatbot concepts I want to eat some

    bananas How many of them? INTENT → “eat-something” ENTITY → “banana”
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    Confidential & Proprietary Chatbot concepts How many calories are there?

    A natural conversation that learns from past exchanges CONTEXT → remember the details of the conversation There are 89 calories in a banana FULFILLMENT → Call some business logic on a remote URL
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    Confidential & Proprietary Uses Natural Language Understanding to communicate with

    users. It can be voice or text-based, such as Google Home voice apps or Facebook Messenger chatbots. ⇒ What is a conversational experience? ⇒ What is Dialogflow? Dialogflow is a platform for building conversational experiences that users can communicate with naturally and efficiently.
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    Confidential & Proprietary 40 pre-built agents and small talk features

    Go-to-market in hours or days Start training with only a few examples Build faster
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    Confidential & Proprietary High accuracy intent recognition, context awareness, slot

    filling Advanced natural language understanding and machine learning Training and analytics across platforms Engage efficiently
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    Confidential & Proprietary 32 platform integrations and SDKs Build once,

    deploy everywhere 14+ languages Maximize reach