Cortex: Horizontally Scalable, Highly Available Prometheus Monitoring

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November 07, 2018

Cortex: Horizontally Scalable, Highly Available Prometheus Monitoring

In this talk we present Cortex - a horizontally scalable, highly available Prometheus implementation. Like Prometheus, Cortex is a CNCF (sandbox) project.

Cortex turns a lot of the Prometheus architectural assumptions on its head, by marrying a scale-out PromQL query engine with a storage layer based on NOSQL databases such as Bigtable, DynamoDB and Cassandra. We have disaggregated the Prometheus binary into a microservices-style architecture, with separate services for query, ingest, alerting and recording rules. By designing all these services as fungible replicas, this solution can be scaled out with ease and failure of any individual replica can be dealt with gracefully.



November 07, 2018