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(Toastmasters) Club Website From Zero To Hero

(Toastmasters) Club Website From Zero To Hero

There are many reasons why a website is needed, and this will help you creating a website from zero to being a great website.

Recorded video of this workshop can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3LBu4rsCL8

Gregory Hammond

June 20, 2020

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  1. Why is a website needed for a club How are

    people going to find out about your club? 2
  2. What to choose There are many platforms and ways to

    create a website, so which one do you choose? The one that best works for your club. 3
  3. Can you just tell me which one to use? FreeToastHost

    is the most used by clubs, and there are many people who can help you if you get stuck. 4
  4. What should I put on the website Have your club

    name At least one link to a map of where your club meets Pictures of your club Anything else you and your club think should be on your site. 5
  5. Should I put contact information on the website? YES People

    need to be able to contact your club. At the minimum put an email address that gets regularly looked at and answered. 6
  6. What should the website be about? What’s the purpose of

    the site? The executive team should decide that. Used to promote your club to the public? Explain what Toastmasters is? Members only site with downloads? Videos of your meetings? 7
  7. Website tips At least 2 people should have the website

    login Have at least 1 way for guests to contact the club Put links to your social media on your website 9
  8. How does the site look on other devices? Many devices

    exists in this digital age, so how does your club website look on them? 10
  9. What if the club has a website but we don’t

    have the login for it There are ways to get the login, it depends on the platform you are using and those email address is on file. 11
  10. Where can you go for help FreeToastHost: I have some

    documentation for you There is also forums for many platforms to get help. 13