Da Real Fragmentation Explained Codemotion 2016

Da Real Fragmentation Explained Codemotion 2016

Nowadays, fragmentation in Android is a fact. As developers, we have to deal constantly with random behaviors between different versions of the operating system, incomplete ROMs, different hardware qualities, manufacturers that modify the specs of some APIs or even ignore them... That’s “Da real fragmentation” and it makes development much more difficult. In addition, if you have background processes running, your life becomes a nightmare!

In this session we will talk about the problems that we found along the way creating an app which needs to keep track of sensor signals in background. We will review how to deal with the different versions of alarms in Android, how to live with Doze mode and other battery optimization apps and we will show you some hardware and software peculiarities of different manufacturers.

Apart from that, we will explain how we have solved such fragmentation issues in order to develop an app that works properly in as many devices as possible.

Da Real Fragmentation series
Alarms: http://pguardiola.com/blog/darealfragmentation-alarms/
Doze: http://pguardiola.com/blog/darealfragmentation-doze/
Sensors: http://pguardiola.com/blog/darealfragmentation-sensors/
Repository: https://github.com/Guardiola31337/darealfragmentation


Pablo Guardiola

November 18, 2016