Change Data Streaming Patterns For Microservices With Debezium (Apache Kafka Meetup Hamburg)

Change Data Streaming Patterns For Microservices With Debezium (Apache Kafka Meetup Hamburg)

Apache Kafka has become the de-facto standard for asynchronous event
propagation between microservices. Things get challenging though when
adding a service’s database to the picture: How can you avoid
inconsistencies between Kafka and the database?

Enter change data capture (CDC) and Debezium. By capturing changes
from the log files of the database, Debezium gives you both reliable
and consistent inter-service messaging via Kafka and instant
read-your-own-write semantics for services themselves. Join this
session to learn how to leverage CDC for reliable microservices
integration and solving typical challenges such as gradually
extracting microservices from existing monoliths, maintaining
different read models in CQRS-style architectures, enabling streaming
queries on your operational data, updating caches as well as full-text
indexes and more.

You’ll find out how Debezium streams all the changes from datastores
such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MongoDB into Kafka and how
you can react to the change events in near real-time. In a live demo
we'll show how to set up a change data stream out of your
application's database, without any code changes needed.


Gunnar Morling

February 12, 2019