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Vumi Overview (April 2013)

Vumi Overview (April 2013)

Brief overview of the Vumi conversation engine.

Gustav Praekelt

May 05, 2013

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  1. Interact with Africa Vumi is an open-source messaging platform that

    facilitates text-based conversations. It was designed to make managing SMS, USSD and chat communications accessible, easy, e cient and highly scalable. Multiple Channels: SMS, USSD, SMS Sync Google Talk and Twitter Super Scalable: Designed for cloud and elastic computing Easy Integration: Extending existing messaging applications’ capabilities Multiple Territories: Over multiple networks
  2. Ways to use Vumi Individuals or organisations who have some

    programming knowl- edge can build custom applica- tions using Javascript. The sandbox utilises Vumi infra- structure but allows tailoring con- versations beyond the standard o ering in Vumi Go. SAND BOX Sandbox This is the easiest way to utilise the standard features of Vumi because it requires no technical knowledge. Vumi Go is a step-by-step web interface for creating and manag- ing communication campaigns quickly. Access it on: http://go.vumi.org/ Vumi Go Organisations or individuals who have expert knowledge of pro- gramming can download the source code from github.com/praekelt/vumi. This code is governed by the BSD open source license. Source Code GO
  3. Standard Features Shared Short Codes & Keywords: Select a keyword

    per campaign to route responses conveniently over a short code. Code Rental: Pay monthly rental fees to reserve and utilise USSD addresses or shared short codes. Design Conversations: Create SMS broadcasts, surveys, registrations and more. Manage Contacts: Create, upload (via CSV) and manage contacts and groups. Multiple Channels: Run conversations over a combi- nation of channels: SMS, USSD, SMS Sync, Gtalk and Twitter. Manage Conversations: Edit, control and schedule cam- paigns. Run a Smart Search: Advanced search and grouping. Add Multiple Account Users: Manage multiple user access. Manage Metrics: Review key performance indica- tors. Receive SMS Notifications: Approve messages set up by other account users. Transact Credit Purchases: Purchase credits via Credit Card or EFT Custom Features Dedicated Short Codes: Exclusive short codes. Masked Short Codes: Configure campaigns to send from one code and receive messages via another. New Country Integration: Integrate with a mobile network operator or aggregator countries currently unsupported. Prize Draws: Set up competitions to reward and incentivise respondents. Airtime Distribution: Distribute airtime to winners. Advanced Reporting: Access analytics unique to specific campaigns. 12345 12389 RENT 1 2 2 VU MI 12345 12345
  4. AFRICA: GLOBALLY Connectivity Who is currently using Vumi? Guinness Guinness

    runs a National Crown Promotion, where customers are rewarded with instant prizes for their purchase. Roche Roche is currently utilising SMS & USSD as mobile intervention. The Vodacom Foundation Implemented a mobile (SMS & USSD) HIV/AIDS mHealth project. Sisi Ni Amani Utlising SMS & USSD to help prevent violence and promote democratic process and peace for the Kenyan elections. MAMA Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action takes advan- tage of SMS & USSD to maintain communication with pregnant and new mothers. Nigeria USSD Codes SMS Short Code Kenya: SMS Short Code Zambia: USSD Codes SMS Short Code South Africa: USSD Codes SMS Long Codes Google Talk & Twitter Vumi has the ability to conduct conversations via Twitter and GTalk. SMS Sync An Android app that allows a mobile phone to serve as an SMS gateway.