new Node.js, who dis?

15b27a69b0d4b0ae4e80f33b58b5fdd8?s=47 Tracy Hinds
October 08, 2016

new Node.js, who dis?

Node.js is 7 years old now. Let’s take a look at how it came to be, how the fork/conflict was great for us, how the Node.js Foundation(what the heck IS the foundation?) is a large collaboration to grow and maintain the health of the project, and how flawed we are in all of these efforts(spoiler alert: it’s how we become better). Let’s talk about how we are fixing it even though other communities look to us as examples, and how every facet of the project has to step up in order to make all of these changes a success.


Tracy Hinds

October 08, 2016