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You Are Welcome Here

You Are Welcome Here

How DevOpsDays London approaches Diversity and Inclusion.

The DevOpsDays London team is always looking to improve Diversity and Inclusion at our event. In this talk we'll share what we've tried so far - what worked, what didn't work and lessons we've learnt along the way.

This talk was given on 28th October 2019 at DevOpsDays Ghent Day 0 - DevOpsDays organisers from around the world got together to share experiences and learnings.

There is also a blog post on this topic: https://medium.com/@hannahfoxwell/should-tech-conferences-be-more-inclusive-5a05a09cd302


Hannah Foxwell

October 28, 2019

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  1. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays You Are Welcome Here How DevOpsDays London Approaches

    Diversity and Inclusion
  2. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays DevOpsDays London A Replay

  3. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Hi I’m Hannah! @HannahFoxwell She / Her This

    is my 9th 10th DevOpsDays
  4. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays We have a Code of Conduct

  5. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Code of Conduct DevOpsDays London is dedicated to

    providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2019- london/conduct/
  6. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants

    in any form.
  7. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays We will enforce the Code of Conduct.

  8. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays How to Report +44 7384 XXX XXX @DevOpsDaysLDN

    Or find one of us
  9. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays You are welcome here • We have a

    code of conduct • Gender neutral toilets • We have a quiet room • Free childcare on site • Captioning and signing by @GRTCaptioning • Lanyards indicate your photo preferences • Pronoun stickers for everyone • Communication stickers for everyone • Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Halal and Kosher food available – let us know if you have allergies or intolerances! • What else can we do?
  10. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays What can I do to make sure everyone

    feels welcome?
  11. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Report all code of conduct violations immediately

  12. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Don’t take phone calls or have conversations in

    the Quiet Room
  13. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Bring your kids!

  14. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Check lanyards before taking photos and before sharing

  15. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Red Lanyard No photos Yellow Lanyard Check with

  16. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Use your pronoun stickers

  17. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Ask “What are your pronouns?”

  18. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Use your communication stickers and respect others preferences

  19. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays I’m happy to chat Check with me first

    I’ll initiate the chat
  20. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Do the PacMan!

  21. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays This Evening 19:00 – 23:00 Evening Event @

    SkyLoft We have board games! 17:00 – 18:30 Drinks Reception in Cambridge
  22. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Charity Sponsors

  23. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays DevOpsDays 2019 is swagless. We will be donating

    the swag budget to our charity sponsors instead.
  24. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays WELCOME

  25. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Behind the scenes…

  26. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays The Venue The Goal: Everyone can participate in

    all aspects of the event. There are no physical barriers to participation in this community. • Step free access • 9 lifts accessible by wheelchair • Fireman's lift for evacuation • No fixed seating • Accessible toilet facilities • Guide, hearing and assistance dog friendly • Induction loops available • Personal evacuation plans as required • Offer to reimburse direct transport
  27. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays The Venue Queen Elizabeth II Centre Expensive but

    worth it…
  28. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays The Food The Goal: Everyone can eat together.

    No one needs to leave the conference to purchase their own food (unless they want to!) • Capture dietary requirements at registration • Gluten free vegan options available as part of the main menu – as delicious as the meat and fish options! • This applies to breakfast, snacks, speakers dinner and evening event!
  29. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays The Talks

  30. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays The Talks How we build our program: •

    Announce CFP – Google Form • Outreach, lots of outreach, then some more • Anonymize submissions • Remove people’s names, company names, specific products and technologies • Individual voting – marks out of 5 • Curate a schedule from the shortlist • Yes, we also get a lot less ignite submissions! We have asked speakers to convert talks to ignite format and that has worked really well!
  31. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Tickets • Super Early Bird - £99 •

    Early Bird - £149 • Full Tickets - £199 • Supporter Ticket - £299 • Underrepresented or Unwaged - £0 • Underrepresented tickets are self declared. We do not ask for evidence • In 2019 we gave away 59 free tickets • In 2019 we sold 37 supporter tickets which helped to fund the free tickets
  32. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays What went wrong…

  33. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays What went wrong • In 2017 had to

    remove someone for threatening behavior • Pronoun Stickers were not well understood by volunteers which created confusion and hurt • Communication stickers were criticized by sponsors • We asked if anyone in the audience required a sign language interpreter • We still struggle to provide an inclusive evening event without it feeling alcohol centric
  34. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays In 2019 we made some improvements… • Sponsors

    are briefed before the event • Sponsor booths furnished with a print out outlining our expectations including CoC • Volunteers selected from people we know and trust – we also brief them before and during the event • We provided board games at the evening event and had a quiet area at one end of the venue (we need to do more in 2020) What have we learnt?
  35. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays What will we do next year?

  36. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays More • More outreach • More diverse CFP

    responses • More new voices • More diverse attendance • More focus on an inclusive evening event • More non-alcoholic drinks • More non-alcoholic activities • More quiet space for conversation
  37. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays Does it make a difference?

  38. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays

  39. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays “A diverse mix of voices leads to better

    discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google
  40. @HannahFoxwell #DevOpsDays