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HumanOps - Empathy Exercise

HumanOps - Empathy Exercise

Emotions don't stop because you're at work. This exercise is called perceptual positions and is designed to improve your flexibility and adaptability by seeing things from other points of view.


Hannah Foxwell

June 28, 2017

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  1. Empathy Exercise Perceptual Positions This is a simple technique to

    help you take a step back from a conflict and see things from the other person’s point of view. It is a practical tool that you can used to take the emotional charge out of a situation improving your empathy, flexibility and ability to influence a positive outcome by respecting and relating to others values and motivation. Emotions don’t stop because you’re at work In a group of 3… One person at a time will discuss their problem from three different perspectives. One person will ask questions to explore the situation while the other listens and takes notes. 1 2 3 Your Position Their Position Neutral Position After discussing the issue from each perspective imagine what solutions the neutral person would propose. Ask what would change in 1 week / month if you implemented that solution. What would you see, hear and feel differently? Reflect The person taking notes reflects the key points from each position and the solutions proposed.