Big Data and Open Data

Big Data and Open Data

Talk at MAMPU


Harish Pillay

October 08, 2015


  1. Embracing IoT: Big Data and Open Data Harish Pillay

    Head, Community Architecture and Leadership Red Hat Asia Pacific October 8, 2015 Forum dan Wada Perkhidmantan Digital Kerajaan
  2. Open is a key driver in Big Data

  3. The rapid pace of big data innovation has turned agility

    into a pre-requisite
  4. A Cambrian explosion of innovation is happening in Big Data

    and IoT
  5. Credit: J. Courtney White,

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  8. The data lifecycle is constantly evolving

  9. Heterogeneous data, iterative analytics, and ad hoc queries have changed

    the landscape
  10. The New Data Lifecycle Injest Integrate Integrate Act

  11. Data stakeholders demand agility and choice

  12. Barriers to big data success Data sprawl, outdated technology, and

    rising costs
  13. Big Data – The Red Hat Way Open the possibilities

    of your data
  14. Open, modular building blocks for enterprise-grade analytics Across physical, virtual,

    and cloud platforms
  15. What about Open Data?

  16. is a great starting point and probably there are

    lessons being learned about the challenges in providing the service which should help to make it better
  17. Built with open source, cloud, containers, python, CKAN, gitlab,

    jenkins etc
  18. • Default to Open Source and Standards • Secure by

    default • The norm is rapid and agile development, integration and deployment (CI/CD) • Driven by Microservices (scales to IoT)
  19. Open the possibilities of your data Choice Matters. Open Matters.

    Agile Matters.
  20. Thank you Harish Pillay @harishpillay