In the land of the JavaScripters

In the land of the JavaScripters

A 10-sonnet series that celebrates the people and the culture of JavaScript, and looks at the influence of JSConfs on the web development community and its evolution. Told from the perspective of a digital immigrant who doesn't write code, though I have lived and worked among JavaScripters for the last twenty 20 years.


havi hoffman

June 02, 2019


  1. JS In the land of the JavaScripters Havi Hoffman |

    Mozilla 2 June 2019 JSConfEU | Berlin
  2. None
  3. None
  4. I The Beginning

  5. When I consider JSConf EU, and wonder what it is

    I have to share -
  6. Visualization of Lorenz’s strange attractor, or butterfly effect, in which

    a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.
  7. Petrarchan Sonnet

  8. Shakespearean Sonnet

  9. None
  10. II The Origin Story

  11. The times have changed with JavaScript’s ascent, Since @voodootikigod 10

    years ago
  12. None

  14. III JavaScript World Domination

  15. Trajectory is best viewed in retrospect. The JS singularity was

    never inevitable,
  16. None
  17. IV The Code of Conduct

  18. At our events we will not tolerate Harassment of participants

    in any form. Photo: Hopper Stone, Detroit Free Press , a scene from “Hidden Figures”
  19. None
  20. V A digital immigrant reflects on Emma Lazarus (1849-1887)

  21. The sonnet is a poem of fourteen line, “Give me

    your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...”
  22. None
  23. VI What’s not lost in translation

  24. The immigrant who puts down roots but never learns the

    language. That’s JavaScript and me.
  25. None
  26. VII A Sonnet for Mozilla

  27. You may know Mozilla as the dinosaur That birthed a

    browser - open source - out of
  28. None
  29. VIII Angus wrote a book about JavaScript

  30. “Doctrine and dogma: these are the enemy Of good javascript,”

    writes Angus Croll,
  31. None
  32. X Tech Speakers & Strange Attractors

  33. Mozilla Tech Speakers is a program designed Like Global Diversity

    CFP Day
  34. None
  35. xo “When a number of people come together, and if

    these people are harmonized in a certain way, excluding some who make for disharmony - we have what we call an event. “ Idries Shah, “The Story of Mushkil Gusha” thank you | danke @freshelectrons
  36. Appendix

  37. Resources & image credits • @jsconfeu - #42 JSConf very

    nearly didn’t happen • An introduction to Shakespeare’s Sonnets — The British Library - public domain • Day 2 “Expert Panel” by Aaron Gustafson - 2006 - CC BY-SA 2.0 • Petrarca Queriniano incunable • Why Shakespeare Loved Iambic Pentameter - TEDEd • Jan Lehnardt: JSConf History - JSConf US Last Call
  38. • Chris Williams: Disconnect, 2012: • Michael van Meer.

    Album Amicorum / Stam Boek Paintings of London in the friendship album of Michael van Meer, c. 1614-1615 friendship-album-of-michael-van-meer • Photo from Hidden Figures from Hopper Stone, Detroit Free Press has-lessons-educators/96416028/ • The Jewish Woman Who Gave Life to Lady Liberty by Chen Malul Resources & image credits
  39. • Nothing Fails Like Success: • Carole Cadwalladr -

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  40. • Slide design by Mike McFarland Design • Robot mascot

    by Virginia Poltrack • Resources & image credits
  41. IX Big Data, Big Picture an epilogue

  42. John McCarthy was not trolling when he said these are

    We’d need to program to talk to the servants.
  43. None
  44. The End