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Programming is Easy, Once You Master...

Tonya Mork
September 17, 2016

Programming is Easy, Once You Master...

Programming is easy once you master these secrets. In this WordCamp Milwaukee talk, I present the four (4) secrets that make programming easy.

Here is the link to the talk on WordCamp Milwaukee website. This talk was given on Sept. 17, 2016: https://2016.milwaukee.wordcamp.org/session/programming-is-easy-once-you-master/

Tonya Mork

September 17, 2016

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  1. Programming is Easy, nce You Master… Twitter: @hellofromTonya UpTech Labs:

    @UpTechLabs Know the Code: @KnowTheCodePro #BeMoreAwesome
  2. Big Bold Statement

  3. Programming is easy

  4. Hello, I’m Tonya • High tech engineering since the mid-1980s

    • Electrical and software engineer • Technology leader, educator, and author
  5. I’m on a mission to help you #BeMoreAwesome

  6. What are my goals in this talk?

  7. Why are you struggling?

  8. Typical Approach • Go buy a theme. Make changes to

    it. • Stretch a little bit and take on more • Constantly searching for HOW to do something
  9. Search for the HOW is a flawed strategy

  10. Problems with the “Searching for the How” Strategy • It’s

    time-consuming. • How do you assess if the code is good? • It only gets you part of the way there. • What happens if it causes a problem? Bottomline: It’s costly.
  11. Why When What How

  12. Let’s talk about how to master programming

  13. Programming Secret #1 Fundamentals

  14. Fundamentals are your building blocks

  15. Building the upper floors without a solid foundation

  16. In software, everything is built from the same building blocks

  17. Software Does These Things: • Makes Decisions • Does Tasks

    • Iterates • Remembers
  18. software emulates real life

  19. Everyday … decisions, do tasks, repeat programming fundamentals

  20. I’ll go to the Kite Festival if https://www.flickr.com/photos/lesterpubliclibrary/9643006351 • the

    weather is good • not working if ( the conditions are true ) then go to the festival
  21. Fundamentals • Decisions • if, when, else if, else •

    Remembers • Variable • Tasks • Render, File, Database • Repeats • while, for, foreach
  22. Getting hung up Syntax

  23. Fundamentals Why When What

  24. Combine the fundamental building blocks to create different experiences…

  25. None
  26. How Programming Secret #2 Problem Solving

  27. Creative Process of Solving Problems How = Ingenuity, creativity, &

  28. Visualization Exercise

  29. Problem Solving is the process of finding solutions.

  30. Problem Solving is the proactive and methodical approach to finding

  31. Programming Secret #3 Programmatic Thought

  32. Programmatic thought is thinking about how to get the computer

    to do what you want it to do.
  33. Knowing what the computer needs from you

  34. Computers are crazy fast but stupid.

  35. Computers don’t understand code. They understand 1s and 0s.

  36. Off state -> 0 Power Switch Output Power Source Output

    Power can’t flow
  37. On state -> 1 Power Switch Output Power Source Output

    Power flows to the output Output
  38. Computers = bunch of switches Output Output Output 0 0

    0 1 Output Output Output 1 1 1 0 Output Output
  39. <?php
 function maybe_show_top_bar( $is_ok_to_show ) {
 if ( is_page()

    && $is_ok_to_show ) { 
 } is_page() showTopbar() AND Gate V $is_ok_to_show AND
  40. Computers don’t think or infer. You do.

  41. You have to explicitly tell the computer what to do

    AND how to do it step-by-step.
  42. Programming Secret #4 Learning

  43. This profession demands continuous learning and proficiency building.

  44. Your Take-aways

  45. Programming is easy when you master… • Fundamentals • Problem

    Solving • Programmatic Thought • Learning
  46. You can build anything from scratch in code.

  47. I’m Tonya @hellofromTonya hellofromtonya.com UpTechLabs.io @UpTechLabs @KnowTheCodePro KnowTheCode.io I teach