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ProTalk #4 | Building UX Portfolios

ProTalk #4 | Building UX Portfolios


Proclub Telkom University

September 07, 2019


  1. Building your UX Portfolios

  2. Hi, I’m Ravi I'm a highly curious man. Love to

    be amazed. Encourage the culture of sharing and discussion.
  3. i’m from software engineering major i have some experiences in

    both web and mobile development i have few certification in mobile app development
  4. why do you want to be a UX Designer?

  5. I N E E D P O R T F

    O L I O S
  6. Why I need to evaluate myself UX Portfolios 1. to

    proof myself worthy 2. bump up my ux career 3.
  7. How to build your UX Portfolios

  8. learn 1.

  9. learn mastering the basics design process, user research, prototyping 1.

  10. learn join the community uxid bandung, proclub, quixds 1.

  11. learn read books or listen to podcast sharpen your design

    understanding 1.
  12. must-to-read books dont make me think steve krug sprint jake

    knapp just enough research erika hall bit.ly/ux-ebooks
  13. must-to-listen podcasts duniadalamdesain @duniadalamdesain design better invision method google design

  14. learn read many many many study cases learn from the

    other’s works 1.
  15. practice 2.

  16. practice do projects, even it’s fake train your design instinct

  17. practice create study cases breakdown you design process 2.

  18. practice freelancing or get a intern job will boost-up your

    skill 2.
  19. practice make your personal branding make your self-recognizable 2.

  20. share 3.

  21. share shoot it out to dribbble be active, be confident

  22. share build your personal website be professional, look professional 3.

  23. share give talks share your thoughts 3.

  24. share be a mentor sometimes teaching is the best way

    to learn 3.
  25. how long it takes?

  26. for me, it was 6 month, but for you ...

    3 month is more than enough
  27. fin.