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UN Smart Maps

UN Smart Maps

2023-11-29T16:30/16:50 (20 min.)
@Baseurak Hall, Seoul Citizens Hall
UN Open GIS Initiative Joint Workshop


November 29, 2023

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  1. 1 UN Smart Maps Hidenori 2023-11-29T16:30/16:50 (20 min.) @Baseurak Hall,

    Seoul Citizens Hall UN Open GIS Initiative Joint Workshop
  2. UN Smart Maps Group (SMG) 1. 7th Domain Working Group

    under UN Open GIS Initiative. Ø The initiative is to identify and develop an open-source GIS bundle that meets the requirements of UN operations. 2. A volunteer group of engineers, educators, and students, among others. 3. Open community of practice. Ø Do-ocracy which is common in open-source software community. 4. We define Smart Maps as application of modern web map technologies for informed decision. 5. Vision: keep web maps open for a better world. 6. Mission: test new technologies for future geospatial operations. 2
  3. Hidenori @hfu • Director, Research Planning, Geography and Crustal Dynamics

    Research Center, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan • GSI Maps https://maps.gsi.go.jp/ • Address data development and standardization • Mission: Promote partnership through geospatial information. • Vision: Create a world where map engineers prosper. • Have been participating in open-source software with “for own use” model. • Taking the lead of UN Smart Maps Group. 3
  4. History of UN Smart Maps Group • 2016: UN Open

    GIS Initiative Ø Started a base web map toolkit project as a contribution from a mapping agency. Ø Thanks to my chief Mr. Eom Kyoung-Soo of UN Geospatial Information Section. • 2018: UN Vector Tile Toolkit (under DWG4) Ø An open-source toolkit to produce, host, style and optimize base map vector tiles. Ø Thanks to our DWG chair Prof. Li Ki-Joune. • 2022: UN Smart Maps Group (as DWG7) Ø Participants bring their objectives: base maps, 3D, LLMs, documentation, etc. 4
  5. UN Smart Maps Bazaar • My contribution to UN Smart

    Maps Group. • Mission: Unlimited import, portable anywhere. • Host cloud-native geospatial data data on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) 5
  6. “Nagasaki Point Cloud visualization” Open LAS data released by Nagasaki

    prefecture. 400GB of 3D Tiles, produced using py3dtiles, hosted on Smart Maps Bazaar. 21
  7. “Platoon” 3D Tiles from Project PLATEAU. Hosted on UN Smart

    Maps Bazaar. Personal Digital Twin yet to be optimized. 22
  8. Findings from Smart Maps Bazaar • Running web maps at

    a personal scale, in 2D and 3D, is possible. • As long as the required read access remains minimal. • 3D is huge. • Terrain tiles up to 10m GSD (optimized webp): 5GB • Topographic maps or parcel polygons of a country: 20GB each • LiDAR point cloud of a prefecture: 400GB • Point cloud tiles of a prefecture is 20 times bigger than base map tiles of a country. • With IPFS: • You can make a backup online. • You can bring your backup anywhere at hand. Smart Maps Bazaar: Unlimited import, portable anywhere. 24
  9. Open Community helping Secured Data 25 We test new open-source

    technologies with open data. Secured Data Open Community Open Data We transfer technology and respect secured data.
  10. Capacity building / technology transfer • w/ UN Global Service

    Center • w/ UN Missions (pilot project to be formulated) • w/ Projects and trainings by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) • w/ Local governments (through non-profit organizations (NPO)) • Through webinars, blogs, and YouTube. • Many capacity building materials are on GitHub and blog services. 26
  11. Connection with • Practitioners (“web map engineers”) • OpenStreetMap Foundation

    Japan • Global is not always about small scale. Large scale (”zoomed”) data matters. • Mappers • e.g. Annual Humanitarian Mapathon (mapathon.la; 2024-04?) • National mapping agencies • ASIG (Albanian national mapping agency): vector tile prototype in a JICA project. • JICA knowledge co-creation programs. 27
  12. How to join UN Smart Maps • Commit on GitHub.

    • The best way known to work. • Anyone can join. • Community Sprints • Meetups 28 https://github.com/unopengis/7/issues
  13. Other areas Smart Maps Group covers 1. Smart Maps Agent:

    LLMs for human-map-interface w/ @yuiseki 2. Core tools and capacity building w/ @smellman 3. Communication and Community strategy w/ @albertkun 4. UNVT Portable w/ @mapconcierge and @ShogoHirasawa 5. Charites (YAML for MapLibre style.json) w/ @miya0001 and @JinIgarashi 6. Tech blog w/ @ubukawa 7. Chizuemon (Domain-oriented web map UI) w/ @office-shirado I will be quickly covering them in my keynote on Friday! 29
  14. Potential new areas 1. Smarter UI 2. Digital Twin 3.

    Metaverse 4. Multilingualization with open source LLMs 5. CNN-based feature extraction with TensorFlow 6. Sensor integration 30