David Roe - HGT14

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June 06, 2014

David Roe - HGT14

David Roe, founder of AuthX Consulting on the future of digital marketing.

Presented at the Hippo GetTogether, Hippo's famous annual developer conference.
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Hippo CMS

June 06, 2014


  1. – David Roe, CEO

  2. It is tough to deliver authenticity to your audience in

    a digital world. The ability to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time insists on two-way communication. While software supports this messaging, organizations and vendors continue to have a challenge delivering the strategy. Introducing AUTHX. Brands are Global, but to be effective, the message needs to be Local. AUTHX is focused on helping organizations design and implement their Global platforms to drive their message Locally. So go ahead, design the brand and appropriate compliance at corporate but allow the local marketers to tailor the message to be effective in their region. Our Passion
  3. Lots of Embody 2014 The Current State

  4. Brands are all due to the lag between instances of

    their CMS/DMP The Problem How do we use to not just improve conversions but
  5. Utilizing the cloud combined with Hippo CMS. Support transactions and

    non-cacheable experiences Provide a seamless authoring environment from any marketing location in the world Grow Your Reach
  6. First was Akamai Followed by Transactional processing with Message Queuing

    Why not globalize the whole CMS/DMP?! The Evolution
  7. Design Bi-Directional Replication Weighted, Global DNS

  8. Jackrabbit Oak. Becoming live now. Supports NoSQL and a node

    state concept Build for Clustering and DR Capabilities Combined with the cloud brings streamlined global brand management Oak gets us there
  9. Allows Brands to be Created Globally and Marketers to deploy

    locally Near Instant replication cross nodes Significant improvements to speed of marketing operations NO MORE using email to make Content changes! Support Local Marketing
  10. Global deployments of CMS & DMP is very well positioned

    to be a leader We need to be building and supporting these implementations now! Conclusion
  11. David Roe, Partner and CEO Droe@authxconsulting.com @authxconsulting 410.258.8267 Thank you.