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What’s happening with Serverless Framework, and it lives with AWS SAM.

What’s happening with Serverless Framework, and it lives with AWS SAM.



February 22, 2019

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  1. What’s happening with Serverless Framework, and it lives with AWS

  2. • CEO of Serverless Operations LLC • Core mainainer of

    the Serverless Framework • Creator of Serverless Step Functions, Serverless APIGateway Service Proxy, Serverless Atom Dashbord • Organizer of Serverless Meetup Tokyo Who am I
  3. Comparing AWS SAM with the Serverless framework

  4. Common Features • Simple YAML Configuration • Transform the config

    to CloudFormation template • OpenSource
  5. Transform Simple YAML Setting to CloudFormation Serverless Framework SAM CloudFormation

  6. Brenda Wallace introduces the Open Source Software Project award Kristina

    D.C. Hoeppner Taken on November 12, 2014
  7. Comparisons • CLI Tool • Provider agnostic • Plugin system

    • Variable system • NodeJS • Just transform to CloudFormation template • AWS official tool • Serverless Application Repository • Python
  8. The Serverless Framework Specific Features

  9. Provider Agnostic

  10. The framework core interface Provider Agnostic Provider plugins

  11. Plugin system Community Plugins

  12. The Plugin Registry

  13. Stage and Variable system $ serverless deploy dev stage Prod

    stage Staging stage $ serverless deploy —stage prod
  14. Stage and Variable system ${self:service}-${self:custom.stage}-functionName $ serverless deploy —stage prod

    $ serverless deploy
  15. SAM Specific Features

  16. Serverless Application Repository

  17. SAM Local $ sam local invoke HelloWorld -e event.json $

    sam local generate-event s3 --bucket <bucket> --key <key> $ sam validate $ sam local start-api
  18. AWS Premium Support

  19. How should we decide to use SLS or SAM?

  20. How should we decide? •Both of them provide all necessary

    and sufficient features 
 to build serverless applications. 
 •You should choose the one while considering to 
 benefit for you.
  21. Introducing my work for the framework plugins

  22. Serverless Step Functions Plugin This plugin allows you to deploy

    and manage Step Functions and a bunch of composed Lambda functions via the Serverless Framework.
  23. Management Reference to the functions Statemachine definition You can manage

    functions and Statemachine definition in one place
  24. You can significantly reduce the configuration CloudFormation the plugin syntax

    the plugin syntax
  25. Serverless API Gateway Service Proxy Plugin AWS Service Proxy This

    plugin supports the AWS service proxy integration feature of API Gateway
  26. AWS Service Proxy API Backend via Lambda You don’t need

    to put unnecessary Lambda functions
  27. Use Case - Realtime Ranking System

  28. Collecting Page Views

  29. Collecting Page Views

  30. Calculating Ranking

  31. Serverless Dashboard For Atom

  32. Thank You