Stateful & Reactive Streaming Applications Without a Database

Stateful & Reactive Streaming Applications Without a Database

Time and again we should move out of our comfort zone and take the opportunity to experiment with new ways to build applications. Based on a simple to understand example we will look at a different, for some of us unconventional and radical way to build modern data-centric applications. For that purpose, we are going to write a stateful streaming application on top of Apache Kafka and integrate with Spring Boot 2.0 in order to provide a reactive WebAPI which allows clients to consume data changes in near real-time. All of this without explicitly using or managing an external traditional database.
The session aims to contribute towards a better understanding of how to architect and implement continuous, reactive applications on top of new technology stacks. It's particularly interesting for developers and architects but in general targeting
anyone audacious enough to take part in this whirlwind tour.

* Find the recording of this talk on YouTube

* Find the full source code used for the example on GitHub


Hans-Peter Grahsl

May 17, 2018