Node.js & Microservices

Node.js & Microservices

Part One
Javascript, a love/hate language for some. It is our only choice for client side programming which has has seen a rise in recent years, but JavaScript is also a successful server side language too. Simon will cover why the asynchronous nature of Node.js works well server side and the strengths and weaknesses of Node.js as a choice for building large scale solutions.

Part Two
Microservices are a hot topic among the silicon valley startups, but why are we seeing Uber, Netflix and others turn their backs on monolithic web applications and turn to microservices as a solution? Simon will talk about the journey Holiday Extras are undergoing in moving from a single large server side e-commerce solution to small single responsibility services. He will explain why Holiday Extras believe this is the right route to take, and the challenges we have faced so far on this journey.


Simon Wood

April 06, 2017