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Killing off legacy tech the right way

39bb8762f3a25ebc00ebd75bc4f363af?s=47 Simon Wood
February 26, 2020

Killing off legacy tech the right way

Travel companies are often held back by the systems they have used for years and fear the thought of change. We hear from those who have overcome that fear and learn how they migrated to a bright, shiny new stack of tech

Presentation from TTE 2020 - https://www.traveltechnologyeurope.com


Simon Wood

February 26, 2020


  1. @hpoom Killing off legacy tech the right way tech.holidayextras.com

  2. @hpoom About me Associate Director of Technology Simon Wood

  3. What Holiday Extras does for our customers Airport parking Airport

    hotels Airport lounges Travel insurance Holiday money Port products Car hire Airport transfers
  4. Introducing HeHa! Enter your trip details and our intelligent Holiday

    Extras Holiday Assistant app will recommend the best travel deals, tailored to your holiday.
  5. Approach What I am going to cover What is Legacy?

  6. @hpoom Legacy? What is

  7. @hpoom AGE is not the only factor

  8. @hpoom Unstable or Expensive

  9. @hpoom Risk is to high

  10. @hpoom Can not Innovate

  11. @hpoom Approach

  12. @hpoom CULTURE can be your biggest blocker

  13. @hpoom Content slide. GOV.UK https://bit.ly/32dOXsR

  14. “an unwillingness to change current processes and ways of working

    may limit your ability to change legacy technology”
  15. @hpoom LEAN approach is the only way

  16. ” @hpoom When eating an elephant take one bite at

    a time. Creighton Abrams "Sam Newman" by Gavin Bell. Licensed under Creative Commons.- https://flic.kr/p/LEwhq
  17. @hpoom Fake it till you make it build

  18. @hpoom

  19. @hpoom BUILD and you will FAST learn fast

  20. ” @hpoom Move fast and break things. Unless you are

    breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough. Mark Zuckerberg Source: https://officesnapshots.com/2013/02/04/facebook-menlo-park-office-design/
  21. @hpoom Continuous Improvement

  22. @hpoom Technology

  23. @hpoom MICRO SERVICES small is always better

  24. ” @hpoom Small Autonomous services that work together, modelled around

    a business domain. Sam Newman "Sam Newman" by Gavin Bell. Licensed under Creative Commons.- https://flic.kr/p/LEwhq
  25. @hpoom Single Responsibility

  26. Independently Scaleable Benefits of Microservices High Testability Technology Diversity Independently

  27. @hpoom TOOLING to help you succeed

  28. @hpoom Dependencies

  29. Know all the touch points into your legacy Use standards

    and common data types Interactions APIs Abstraction Manage your dependancies Put everything behind an API
  30. @hpoom Strangler Pattern

  31. Routing Routing Modern Tech Modern Tech Legacy Tech Legacy Tech

    Modern Tech Early phase Later phase Migration Complete
  32. Develop the new service independently Move all consumers to the

    new service and remove old code Transform Co-Exist Eliminate Strangler Pattern in practice Let both New and Old solution exist side by side
  33. @hpoom Traffic Shadowing

  34. Service or UI User Old Service New Service Send request

    to both Compare the response
  35. @hpoom Content slide. Compare https://bit.ly/2PcyShI

  36. @hpoom OBSERVABILITY data & metrics are everything

  37. ” @hpoom If Engineering at Etsy has a religion, it’s

    the Church of Graphs. If it moves, we track it. Sometimes we’ll draw a graph of something that isn’t moving yet, just in case it decides to make a run for it. Code as Craft "Etsy" by KnitSpirit. Licensed under Creative Commons.- https://flic.kr/p/btwyFm
  38. None
  39. None
  40. @hpoom

  41. Consider Approach So to recap… Identify Legacy Use Established Patterns

  42. @hpoom Thank you please contact me if you have any

    questions By Simon Wood