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d.calm: redesign email>> trail results

E0c4494e84ac119f55cd8d7c2ebb47d4?s=47 Hsiaolin Hsieh
January 29, 2013

d.calm: redesign email>> trail results


Hsiaolin Hsieh

January 29, 2013


  1. We learned that: 1. There’s a tension between being mindful

    and being efficient. 2. If a user is goal­directed to do something, it’s annoying to be slowed down. 3. Self­control is better in small doses. Hsiaolin Hsieh Tony Jin Maria Molfino
  2. Stressor and user group Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sally needs to

    be mindful of her current time and energy when she deals with email because reading an email she cannot immediately deal with causes current and future stress.
  3. Concept design • prototype 1: Breath Cue Intervention breathe-concept

    • prototype 2: Time Filter
  4. Trial results P1: breath cue (8 testers) • like the

    concept but wouldn’t want to do it every time (it’s annoying) • Acceptance: 1 YES, 2 MAYBE, and 5 NO • P2: time filter (11 users) • distrust the filtering system • Acceptance: 3 YES, 3 MAYBE, and 5 NO
  5. Next step • Redefined stressor: There’s no comfort zone or

    calming space where the user can retreat during their email experience. • user group: students • refined concept design: a more subtle, user-controllable (mouse swipe-over) intervention with simple breath cue and soothing messages >> The Comfort Zone