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Calming Tech Design Project 2

Calming Tech Design Project 2


Hsiaolin Hsieh

March 21, 2013


  1. d. compress 2013 |Hsiaolin, Kamakshi, Attila

  2. Shock-factor "not as calmly as would be best" snappy misunderstanding

    yelling Keep it to myself blurt it out discomfort
  3. our goal Romantic partners need a healthy way to express

    anger with one another because anger is often repressed or expressed violently, leading to larger relationship issues
  4. our goal Our calmer is a mobile application in which

    partners can communicate their anger in a nonviolent format
  5. our research question I feel __________

  6. our prototype plan

  7. our prototype implementation A mobile app simulated through text messages

    User receives text, prompting them to express anger in the following format:
  8. trial design Pre-test survey: anger expression in relationship & associated

    stress App test: use WhatsTheSitch to express anger Post-test survey: ease of expression & associated stress Users: 8 | Avg. # texts sent: 2 | Trial period: 3 days
  9. trial results: Stress of expressing anger: Increased feeling of intimacy

    2.6 1.8 3.6 3.0 + • Template makes difficult situation light-hearted • Template helps assess my own anger • Expedited resolution • Takes longer than face-to- face • Need more interactivity and history • Did not trigger conversation
  10. insights: During face-to-face anger expression, strong emotions often cloud the

    ability to make logical resolutions Texting gives partners time and distance to assess and communicate their anger more objectively A designated space to express anger reduces the discomfort around when and how to confront one's partner
  11. A virtual space to express anger in a structured +

    positive manner can help partners communicate nonviolently. Emotional distance is good
  12. next steps: What if the app was more humorous, to

    help "break the ice" around confrontation? What if the app helped nonviolent communication in both directions?
  13. Thanks! Wanna know the sitch? Kamakshi Duvvuru ( Hsiaolin Hsieh

    ( Attila Mong (