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Dealing with streams using RxJs

Dealing with streams using RxJs

Hugo Cordier

June 05, 2015

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  1. Dealing with Streams using RxJS

  2. Hello! I am Hugo Cordier Developer and CTO at Melusyn

    Melusyn helps film makers to manage and organize their productions. You can find me at : @HugoCrd We are hiring! Drop me a line at [email protected]
  3. 1. What’s an event? Javascript is about events

  4. What’s an event? DOM events clicks, moves, focuses, drags events

  5. What’s an event? Async response Ajax, Websocket events

  6. What’s an event? Timeout, interval Time related events

  7. What’s an event? Solution Callbacks & Promises

  8. 2. What’s a stream? Give me use-cases!

  9. What’s a stream? A stream is a group of events

  10. What’s a stream? Double clicks How fast can you click?

  11. What’s a stream? Keyboard Konami code is a must have

  12. What’s a stream? Synchronizing async responses Requesting several services

  13. What’s a stream? Solution Reactive Extensions

  14. 3. What to do with it?

  15. What to do with it? Transforming events in the Stream

  16. What to do with it? Merging, mixing Several streams

  17. What to do with it? Dealing with time Delaying events,

    creating interval, ...
  18. 4. The Rx Model Observables and Operators

  19. The Rx Model A stream is an Observable An Observable

    push down events through Operators
  20. The Rx Model Operators transform a stream They can be

    used to transform, filter and mix events from an Observable
  21. The Rx Model

  22. The Rx Model

  23. The Rx Model myObservable .map(value => value+1) .filter(value => value

    > 2) Finally some code!
  24. The Rx Model

  25. The Rx Model myObservable .merge(anotherObservable) .map(value => value+1) .filter(value =>

    value > 2)
  26. The Rx Model

  27. The Rx Model myObservable .flatMap(anotherObservable) .map(value => value+1)//Values from anotherObservable

    .filter(value => value > 2)
  28. There’s a whole bunch of Operators The Rx Model http://reactivex.io/documentation/operators.html

  29. 5. The Rx Model Subscribing and dealing with errors

  30. An Observable needs to be subscribed The Rx Model The

    stream will flow once it has been subscribed
  31. The Rx Model myObservable .subscribe( value => console.log(“Event”+value), e =>

    console.error(e) )
  32. 6. The Rx Model Creating Observables

  33. How to create an Observable? The Rx Model

  34. The Rx Model Rx.Observable .just(1) .from([1,5,0,12,4]) .fromEvent(domElement, event) .fromNodeCallback(nodeFct) .fromPromise(promise)

  35. The Rx Model Rx.Observable.create(s => { for (value in values)

    { s.onNext(value) } s.onCompleted() })
  36. 7. In real life

  37. In real life Live search Using Google Geocoder and RxJS

  38. In real life Composing streams Aggregate data from several requests

  39. In real life Realtime statistics Ping a server each x

    seconds and diplay results http://codepen.io/HugoCrd/pen/dPeaLY
  40. 8. In real life RxJS is just a library. Use

    it with whatever you want
  41. In real life with... Node.js Node uses Callbacks. They can

    easily be used as a stream var rename = Rx.Observable.fromNodeCallback(fs.rename); rename('file1.txt', 'file2.txt') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
  42. In real life with... Angular.js Angular $watch is a stream

    of model changes Angular also has an eventbus system : events on a handler are a stream Rx.Observable.$watch(scope, 'name') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
  43. In real life with... Backbone.js Binding to an object is

    listening to it’s changes. This could be used as a stream. Rx.Observable.fromEvent(object, ‘click’) .map(...) .subscribe(...)
  44. In real life with... JS Wokers A worker could post

    messages to into stream Rx.DOM.fromWebWorker('worker.js') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
  45. Thanks! Any questions? We are hiring! Drop me a line

    at [email protected] or @HugoCrd ♥
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