Dealing with streams using RxJs

Dealing with streams using RxJs


Hugo Cordier

June 05, 2015


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    Hello! I am Hugo Cordier Developer and CTO at Melusyn

    Melusyn helps film makers to manage and organize their productions. You can find me at : @HugoCrd We are hiring! Drop me a line at ♥
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    The Rx Model A stream is an Observable An Observable

    push down events through Operators
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    The Rx Model Operators transform a stream They can be

    used to transform, filter and mix events from an Observable
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    An Observable needs to be subscribed The Rx Model The

    stream will flow once it has been subscribed
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    In real life Live search Using Google Geocoder and RxJS
  7. 39.

    In real life Realtime statistics Ping a server each x

    seconds and diplay results
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    In real life with... Node.js Node uses Callbacks. They can

    easily be used as a stream var rename = Rx.Observable.fromNodeCallback(fs.rename); rename('file1.txt', 'file2.txt') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
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    In real life with... Angular.js Angular $watch is a stream

    of model changes Angular also has an eventbus system : events on a handler are a stream Rx.Observable.$watch(scope, 'name') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
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    In real life with... Backbone.js Binding to an object is

    listening to it’s changes. This could be used as a stream. Rx.Observable.fromEvent(object, ‘click’) .map(...) .subscribe(...)
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    In real life with... JS Wokers A worker could post

    messages to into stream Rx.DOM.fromWebWorker('worker.js') .map(...) .subscribe(...)
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    Thanks! Any questions? We are hiring! Drop me a line

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