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Mystery Train Girl

Keir Moffatt
February 15, 2012

Mystery Train Girl

Two years ago Keir met a girl on a train. After not asking her out, he was persuaded by a friend to set up a Facebook group to find the Mystery Train Girl. One week, 14,000 members, various national newspaper articles, £1000 raised for Marie Curie, a dodgy CG reconstruction for a Hong Kong news channel and one mention on Loose Women later, Keir found that a few people had paid attention. But, did he get the girl?

This talk was delivered at Ignite Ubelly 2012.

Keir Moffatt

February 15, 2012

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  1. 06/05/2010
    CDF - BRI

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  2. 6 degrees + Facebook =

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  3. The next day...

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  4. justgiving.com/mysterytraingirl
    Lightbulb v2

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  7. It’s alive!!!

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  8. Meanwhile...
    MSN, Yahoo, Fox, New York Daily
    US, Australia, Dubai, Korea, Argentina, Spain, Malaysia,
    Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand,
    Philippines, Albania, Japan...

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  9. 14,961 members
    £1,110 for Marie Curie

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  12. 1. Don’t do that again
    2. Always evaluate your lightbulbs
    3. Never, ever read Daily Mail comments
    4. The power of social media...
    What Keir learned

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  13. i just wanted to say that i think
    what you did was wonderful. i'm
    comforted to know there are kind,
    sweet and romantic men such as
    yourself left in the world.
    i lost my boyfriend ben to cancer
    a few weeks ago, and the fact
    that someone could have an affect
    on you so profound, in such a
    short space of time, humbles me
    you're my hero xxxxxxxxxxx

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