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The Real Fruits of Our Labour

The Real Fruits of Our Labour

Tom Holder and Keir Moffatt discuss the things they have learned as a result of a long-serving, agency-freelancer working relationship.

This talk was delivered at Web Dev Conference 2010 in Bristol, UK.

Keir Moffatt

October 27, 2010

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  1. What are we left with? • Millions of lines of

    useless code (wallpaper) • An over priced laptop • More free time
  2. Communicate • Be confident - know your team • Be

    responsive and react quickly • Be honest - about your skills, about your intentions, about your mistakes • Understand people
  3. Communicate • Be genuine, be transparent • Inspire trust and

    confidence • Understand the client and manage their expectations • Share progress throughout • Sometimes, you have to turn a job down • Krispy Kremes
  4. Collaborate • Not because you have to but because it’s

    fun • Whiteboards and ideas • Version control (Git) and Bug Tracking • Open Source http://github.com/simpleweb • Eat your own dog food • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  5. Collaborate • We don’t compete, we share the load •

    Share knowledge • Work on-site whenever possible • Respect other people's processes • Join mailing lists, Twitter, forums, communities
  6. Good Work • Be obvious, not clever • Don’t reinvent

    the wheel - frameworks! • We work in an imperfect world • Pay your debts off sooner rather than later • Start simple and iterate
  7. Good Work • Understand deadlines (realistic & justifiable) • Deliver

    on time (be productive, not precious) • Check the direction is right, constantly • ‘Be suggestive’ - you’ll get more work! • Be professional
  8. Stuff we’re excited about • NoSQL Couch,Mongo,Hadoop • JavaScript, Node.Js

    - hot! • ActivityStrea.ms • Death of Flash! • HTML 5, Canvas, CSS 3 • Perch CMS • Google Apps
  9. Questions? • Getting a job/interview • Networking vs Not-working •

    Accumuniggles (little spoons) • Love Monkey • Bucket o’ Love • Hypersharing/social bullshit