Introduction to Git

C416a04a16b233e65afd993815c167dd?s=47 Ian Lee
July 25, 2016

Introduction to Git

Collaboration and coordination are at the heart of any multi person software project. Code needs to be shared between developers, shared with users, and inspected by the community. This is particularly prominent in the Open Source community where sharing of highly available and visible code has enabled the creation of such large and diverse software development communities as Python, Bootstrap, and the Linux kernel.

Git is a distributed version control system which has emerged as the industry standard for software development over the past 10 years. This replaces centralized servers as the one source of truth for a code base, and instead gives all developers the same access to the history of a project on their own workstations as the core development team. With the power that Git provides, however, comes a certain level of complexity that can be intimidating to newer users. This talk will focus on the small handful of commands that will allow you to get years of development experience and interact with the broader software community, both here at LLNL and beyond.


Ian Lee

July 25, 2016