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Introducing NumFOCUS and PyData

November 11, 2018

Introducing NumFOCUS and PyData

An introduction to NumFOCUS and the PyData meetups and conferences at the open of PyDataPrague: https://www.meetup.com/PyData-Prague/events/254559250/


November 11, 2018

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  1. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 Introductions • I’m an engineering data

    scientist • Coaching, training & consulting in AI + Data Science for 15+ years Blog->IanOzsvald.com
  2. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 Community building • Shared values, collaboration,

    friendships, accessible high quality software • There are many boring problems to solve • Legal entities for brands and banking • Conference contracts • Marketing • Event organisation • Grant management
  3. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 NumFOCUS as a solution • Legal

    entity • Meetup.com paid hosting • Code of Conduct promotes diverse audiences • Sprint organisation for hosted projects • Stickers and marketing
  4. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 Results • Funding raised from sponsors

    and conferences • $13k grants for Sprints (2016) • 50 GSoC students • 116 meetups • 10s conferences per year, all videos are open • Improved diversity in our ecosystem
  5. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 My PyData experiences • Wanted to

    meet likeminded folk • Staggered at growth to 8,000+ members • Invites to speak (Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, USA, India, Czech Republic …) • Received Community Leadership award • Far better consulting options • Collaborations (e.g. NHS ventilator work)
  6. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataPrague 2018-10 Running a successful meetup • Regular

    events & quality speakers • Make speakers and organisers famous! • Networking – pub! • Support NumFOCUS – join as a Supporting Member and get their mailing list • Be creative – do the right thing and worry less about asking for permission • Come and speak at PyDataLondon :-)