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Introducing NumFOCUS and PyData

November 11, 2018

Introducing NumFOCUS and PyData

An introduction to NumFOCUS and the PyData meetups and conferences at the open of PyDataPrague: https://www.meetup.com/PyData-Prague/events/254559250/


November 11, 2018

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  1. Introducing NumFOCUS and PyData
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    Ian Ozsvald @IanOzsvald ModelInsight.io

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  2. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10

    I’m an engineering data scientist

    Coaching, training & consulting in AI +
    Data Science for 15+ years

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  3. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    Community building

    Shared values, collaboration, friendships,
    accessible high quality software

    There are many boring problems to solve

    Legal entities for brands and banking

    Conference contracts


    Event organisation

    Grant management

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  4. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    NumFOCUS as a solution

    Legal entity

    Meetup.com paid hosting

    Code of Conduct promotes diverse

    Sprint organisation for hosted projects

    Stickers and marketing

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  5. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    Some supported projects

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  6. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10

    Funding raised from sponsors and

    $13k grants for Sprints (2016)

    50 GSoC students

    116 meetups

    10s conferences per year, all videos are open

    Improved diversity in our ecosystem

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  7. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    PyData Community


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  8. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    My PyData experiences

    Wanted to meet likeminded folk

    Staggered at growth to 8,000+ members

    Invites to speak (Sweden, Ireland, Italy,
    Hungary, USA, India, Czech Republic …)

    Received Community Leadership award

    Far better consulting options

    Collaborations (e.g. NHS ventilator work)

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  9. [email protected] @IanOzsvald[.com]
    PyDataPrague 2018-10
    Running a successful meetup

    Regular events & quality speakers

    Make speakers and organisers famous!

    Networking – pub!

    Support NumFOCUS – join as a Supporting
    Member and get their mailing list

    Be creative – do the right thing and worry less
    about asking for permission

    Come and speak at PyDataLondon :-)

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