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Intranets within enterprises – research results

Intranets within enterprises – research results

"Intranets within enterprises – research results" will brief you on how and why employers use the system and how it benefits their companies. Moreover, you will find out the usefulness of the applied system assessed and what users think of the platform. If you decide on Intranet implementation in your organization, contact https://www.ideosoftware.com/

Ideo Software

November 28, 2022

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  1. Intranets within enterprises – research results Presentation of research results

    and changes over the years The presentation was prepared by Katarzyna Pezdan.
  2. Purpose of the study - main research questions There were

    also Additional questions. These will be presented in the scoreboards. In what way do employees use an intranet and is it the only system they use? How is an intranet system managed in enterprises? Which features do users find most or least useful? Are/what benefits are seen in the use of an intranet? How is the usefulness of the applied system assessed? What is the scale of use of social elements in intranet systems and what is the attitude of users towards this type of solutions?
  3. Research methodology and sample characterization The research for the first

    time was conducted in mid-2018. Subsequently, they were renewed in 2022. 203 completed questionnaires were analyzed. Respondents of companies from the service sector Respondents working in large companies (> 500 employees) 55,7% 48,8% Respondents in managerial positions 54% Who took part in the research? Presentation of the main groups. Respondents in specialist positions 34%
  4. Use of intranet in the company How often do you

    use the company’s intranet? The most common answer: Several times a day. Where do you use an intranet? The most common answer: This is a tool for integrating and improvements implementing. The most common answer: In and outside of a company, remotely. Which statement illustrates your opinion on social elements within intranet? Comparison of responses from 2018 with 2022.
  5. The usefulness of intranets in enterprises ▪ Employee management -

    42,7% This is the highest rated intranet feature. Such a percentage of respondents described it as necessary (more than half as very useful). ▪ Internal communication – 41,7% This is the second most frequently cited answer. More than 40% describe communication as essential and almost as many as very useful. ▪ Intranet Knowledge Base – 57,4% So many respondents answered that the Knowledge Base on the company's Intranet is very useful or useful. Main conclusions Check online
  6. The most common action when encouraging to use an intranet:

    Implementation of an Intranet in a Company Work carried out by enterprises. Additional features that are available only on the intranet platform.
  7. Intranet platform in combination with instant messengers However, it is

    still willingly used in conjunction with communication systems and social portals. For the most part, survey respondents use only intranet. Is it a popular integration?
  8. Advantages of using an intranet Based on the research, it

    can be seen that respondents clearly indicate the high usefulness of the Intranet in work. Respondents' responses Check online
  9. Conclusions based on research „Concluding, intranets are constant parts of

    today’s enterprises and their users are satisfied with the benefits they bring both to the organization itself and to individual work.” 1. Intranet managers rarely use additional techniques to encourage employees to use such system. 4. Intranet systems are managed by different departments. 2. Intranets are often an element of bigger communication systems in enterprises. 3. Social elements are used in a very small extent. Np. zarządzanie zatrudnionymi, komunikacja wewnętrzna. 5. Implementation of intranets in the surveyed companies is subordinated to specific goals. 6. More and more intranet users see the importance of intranet as a catalyst for development. Summary of the most important observations
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