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9aa8bb16c19a4f40d3bd21111eb30c14?s=47 Si Wilson
November 02, 2016


The slides from my talk at EHI Live in Birmingham on Wednesday 2 November 2016.

A bit of background is on the NHS.UK Transformation blog: http://transformation.blog.nhs.uk/talking-at-ehi-live-2016

Also mentioned in my weeknotes blog post:

Links featured in this talk

How the NHS.UK team does agile:

Barack Obama at South by Southwest:

Simple not simplistic:

What we think about when we think about patterns:

Beta stomach ache conditions page:

List of NHS beta services:

NHS.UK transformation blog:


Si Wilson

November 02, 2016


  1. nhs.uk Making a digital platform that works for everybody. Simon

    Wilson • @ermlikeyeah
  2. Hello!

  3. August 2015 nhs.uk team is set up.

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  5. Spring 2017 Launch a beta.

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  7. “So, what is it you are doing?”

  8. Make NHS.UK simpler, clearer, better for those who use it.

  9. Transforming NHS Choices to deliver the next generation of digital

    services – with relevant, practical, action-focused content and smart signposting to services.
  10. The user is at the heart of NHS.UK. Our work

    is research-led and focuses on the needs of patients, carers and front-line staff.
  11. Users 1. Patients. 2. Carers. 3. NHS front line staff.

  12. Organisations are constructs of systems and processes.

  13. Healthcare is a series of human interactions.

  14. People shouldn’t have to join up those interactions for themselves.

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  16. Vision NHS.UK will connect patients to the information and services

    they need.
  17. We’re here to make things simpler, clearer, better – not

    just digital.
  18. Human centred Prevention Personalised Continuing care Proactive System centred Late

    disease management One-size-fits-all Episodes of care Reactive
  19. Our aims 1. Simple. 2. Relevant. 3. Personal.

  20. What could that look like?

  21. 1. Simple Clear and simple content will make information accessible,

    regardless of digital skills or health expertise. Exploratory design.
  22. 2. Relevant Connecting to relevant digital services will help reduce

    pressure on the health and care system. Exploratory design.
  23. 3. Personal Personalised information and services will support people to

    manage their own health and care. Exploratory design.
  24. Back to the now.The start is a good place to

  25. User experience is about collaboration.

  26. People over processes.

  27. 1. Product owner. 2. User researcher. 3. Interaction designer. 4.

    Content designer. 5. A developer. 6. Another developer. 7. Delivery manager.
  28. The people we create services for are part of that

  29. We work nimbly. http://transformation.blog.nhs.uk/how-the-nhs-uk-team-does-agile

  30. 1. Learn. 2. Design. 3. Make a thing. 4. Show

    the thing to users. 5. Analyse research.
  31. “Continual gradual improvement.” Barack Obama, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfsIZioIpdI

  32. Some things we are on with 1. Symptoms and conditions.

    2. Connect patients and carers to NHS services. 3. Register with a GP.
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  34. “Where are those three letters with my test results that

    I need to take to my hospital appointment today?”
  35. Need 1.1 As someone with condition X, I need to

    tell my patient story when I have an appointment, so that the person treating me knows if the treatment is suitable.
  36. Need 1.2 As a healthcare professional, I need to know

    a patient’s full history, so that I can give them the best possible treatment at the right time.
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  38. Knowledge over assumptions.

  39. We can go from a hypothesis to having something to

    test in a web browser within a sprint.
 (If not sooner.)
  40. Prototyping.

  41. In-browser Using Github, node.js, HTML, CSS/SASS, and Heroku Sketching On

    paper, with pens, as a team
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  45. Simple not simplistic. http://transformation.blog.nhs.uk/simple-not-simplistic-how-we-design-information

  46. We’ll test this with users.

  47. This isn’t about making things just because the designer likes

    them. This isn’t about making things just because the boss likes them.
  48. This is about making things that work for the users

    of our services.
  49. This is about ego-less design.

  50. Building up patterns. http://transformation.blog.nhs.uk/what-we-think-about-when-we-think-about-patterns

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  56. https://beta.nhs.uk/symptoms/stomach-ache

  57. “That information isn't correct.”

  58. Make NHS.UK simpler, clearer, better for those who use it.

  59. This is for everyone.

  60. See the work beta.nhs.uk

  61. Thank you. Learn more: Read our blog at transformation.blog.nhs.uk Simon

    Wilson • @ermlikeyeah