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Webinar - Relationships in PowerBI - they can be complicated

Ivan Donev
February 14, 2020

Webinar - Relationships in PowerBI - they can be complicated

Webinar - Relationships in PowerBI - they can be complicated

Ivan Donev

February 14, 2020

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  1. Why do we need relationships When you have multiple tables

    and you need to correlate them for analysis When you want to optimize models When you want to optimize performance
  2. Relationships in PowerBI Cardinality • Automatically detected • 1:1 |

    1:M | M:1 | M:N • Duplicates are not allowed on the 1 side Referential integrity issues Relationship properties • Active | Inactive • Crossfilter direction • Assume referential integrity
  3. Weak and Strong relationships • Strong relationships • When the

    storage engine can determine the ONE side of a relationship • Table expansion can take place • From the Many to One
  4. Functions to use around relationships • USERELATIONSHIP() to handle multiple

    relationships between two tables • CROSSFILTER() to handle change the crossfilter direction • RELATED() to lookup value from the 1 side of the relationship • RELATEDTABLE to “lookup” set of values from a table on the Many side of a relationship
  5. Relationship and model ambiguity • Precedence rules and path resolution

    • M:N including Weak relationships • M:N • Bi-directional in reverse (from the * side) • Delete or deactivate one of the relationships • Use SINGLE crossfilter direction and change it with CROSSFILTER function in measures
  6. What’s coming next Event Date Power Platform Bootcamp 15.02.2020 Global

    AI On Tour Bulgaria 2020 11.04.2020 Global Azure Bulgaria 2020 25.04.2020 SQL Server Discovery Day 2020 28.05.2020 AI and IoT Summit Bulgaria 2020 06.06.2020 SQL Saturday Plovdiv 2020 13.06.2020 Trainings @ sqlmasteracademy PowerBI Jumpstart - 17 March Mastering PowerBI - 18-20 March Business analysis and Data Exploration using PowerBI and Power Query - 28-30 March