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react-figma at Figma Show & Tell

Ilya Lesik
November 08, 2019

react-figma at Figma Show & Tell

Ilya Lesik

November 08, 2019

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  1. React Figma github.com/react-figma react-figma.now.sh @ilialesik

  2. Project is not production ready and 
 currently at alpha

    version ️ Disclaimer:
  3. What is react-figma? • Open-source project • React wrapper for

    Figma API • Can be used for creating design systems • It’s not a plugin, but tool for creating plugins.
  4. yoga-layout for Flexboxes React components Figma render * like react-sketchapp

  5. Demo time! https:/ /github.com/ilyalesik/figma-show-n-tell-nov-8

  6. Next steps • Compatibilty with react-native, react-sketchapp • Improving compatibility

    with Figma API. More at https://react-figma.now.sh/docs/roadmap.html
  7. Thanks!