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SEO Trends By INFOCRATS Web Solutions

SEO Trends By INFOCRATS Web Solutions

Check out our latest presentation on SEO trends you should follow for 2022/2022.
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INFOCRATS Web Solutions

August 25, 2022

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  1. Lets Explore!
    4 SEO Trends for
    4 SEO Trends for

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  2. In this
    Trends you’ll want to note for your
    Building a first-party data hub with SEO traffic
    Improving page speed
    Refreshing existing content
    Optimizing for different search mediums

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  4. Passage
    Have you heard about the latest
    announcement from Google about a new
    algorithm called Passage Indexing?
    So, if you are someone who regrets writing
    long-form content that fails to drive traction,
    Passage Indexing may be a game-changer for
    According to Google, it will now use the
    natural language processing feature while
    indexing web pages and try to understand the
    meaning of each passage within the page.

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  5. Being at the top of the search results no longer
    has a substantial association with higher
    website visits. The SERPs (search engine
    results pages) are cluttered with
    advertisements, inquiry areas, and snippets.
    Even if a webpage is ranked first, it may be
    “hidden” beneath these factors. Instead of
    stressing about this top rank by increasing
    website traffic, we recommend focusing on a
    different metric: your click-through rate (CTR).
    The Highest
    Ranking Will No
    Longer Imply
    The Highest

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  6. Featured snippets were created with mobile
    optimization in mind. This has proven to be
    beneficial, since featured snippets now cover
    50% of a smartphone screen. Feature snippets
    have always been a game-changer. Because
    feature snippets show twice in the first SERP,
    this is the case. But it wasn’t long before
    people mistook featured snippets for
    advertisements, and many of them avoided
    clicking on them.

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  7. Many people link predictive search to
    Google’s autofill feature. Predictive
    search, on the other hand, is now
    much more closely associated with
    Google Discovery, a feed whose
    purpose is to provide videos and
    articles to mobile users. Google
    Discovery, although being a relatively
    young service, has grown in
    popularity, with over 800 million users
    to date.
    The Rise of

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  8. These are the SEO trends for 2022. Implement these SEO
    strategies on your website and stay ahead of your competitors.
    Which of these strategies do you think will be the most important
    in 2022?
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    50 SEO experts that can help you optimize your site to rank better in search
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    team of SEO experts can help you drive success with your SEO.
    Website: www.infocratsweb.com | [email protected]

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