Prepping Your Project for Production

Prepping Your Project for Production

Django makes it easy to run a project locally in development where you are the only user and runserver “just works”. When you start thinking about moving that project to production and running it on the internet; it’s a bit more difficult. You’ll need to consider the following:

* How should I host my site (PaaS, FaaS, unmanaged hosting)?
* Should I be using Docker and/or Kubernetes?
* How do I serve my static/media assets?
* How should I handle my settings?
* Which database should I use and what are the performance considerations?
* How should I handle other supporting services (email, search, cache, etc.)
* Which web server should I use and how should I configure it?
* How do I serve my site via HTTPS?
* How do I protect my site from evil bots and blackhat hackers?

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions aren’t one-size-fits-all. In this talk, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of common approaches and recommend the best option for different scenarios. I’ll also call out various security and performance considerations along the way.


Peter Baumgartner

September 23, 2019