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When the iOS SDK says “Jump,” ask “How High?”

3770c1b6a421c8d4de4177356911a829?s=47 Bryan Irace
September 26, 2014

When the iOS SDK says “Jump,” ask “How High?”

Slides from the Brookyln iOS Developer Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/The-Brooklyn-iPhone-and-iPad-Developer-Meetup/events/205984482/), given at Stack Overflow on 9/25/2014.


Bryan Irace

September 26, 2014


  1. When the iOS SDK says “Jump,” ask “How high?” Bryan

    Irace September 25, 2014
  2. None
  3. “Hardest problems in software development” 4 Naming things 4 Cache

    invalidation 4 Off-by-one errors 4 Deciding when to adopt new technologies
  4. Adopting new technologies: pros 4 New capabilities 4 Cleaner code

    4 Indeterminate potential future benefits
  5. Adopting new technologies: cons 4 Maintain backwards compatability 4 Learning

    curve 4 Premature 4 Spending time replacing working code instead of building something new
  6. iOS apps warrant faster adoption than other platforms

  7. None
  8. None
  9. Assume  has big plans for the technologies they push

    Adopt accordingly
  10. UICollectionView Added in iOS 6

  11. UICollectionView iOS 7: UICollectionViewTransitionLayout

  12. NSURLSession Added in iOS 7

  13. NSURLSession iOS 8: Extensions

  14. Asset catalogs Added in iOS 7

  15. Asset catalogs iOS 8: Vector assets

  16. Storyboards Added in iOS 5

  17. Storyboards iOS 8: Universal storyboards

  18. Auto Layout Added in iOS 6

  19. Auto Layout iOS 8: Universal storyboards, self- sizing table view

  20. Size classes Added in iOS 8 (June)

  21. None
  22. Swift Added in iOS 8

  23. Swift WatchKit? Apple TV SDK?

  24. None
  25. “I prefer using a C-based language” “Generics are ugly” “I

    can't work without header files”
  26. Use whichever tools will allow you to make the best

    apps both today and tomorrow
  27. Takeaways 4 Only support the latest OS version (if possible)

    4 Adopt new frameworks early-ish 4 Use these examples to justify the upfront cost
  28. Start learning Swift (I need to take my own advice)

  29. Show your manager these slides if needed

  30. Thank you @irace