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Modularity in mobile applications

3770c1b6a421c8d4de4177356911a829?s=47 Bryan Irace
November 08, 2014

Modularity in mobile applications

A few quick intro slides for a group discussion held at Facebook's NY Mobile Forum on Thursday, 10/30/2014.


Bryan Irace

November 08, 2014

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  1. Modularity in mobile applications New York Mobile Forum October 30,

  2. How do we strike an ideal balance between the time

    we put into modularizing and the benefits we reap from doing so?
  3. Pros 4 Easier to build separate applications 4 New products

    4 iOS extensions 4 Enforces better architectural practices 4 Testing 4 Open sourcing
  4. Cons 4 Overhead 4 More repositories to manage, READMEs to

    update, version numbers to increment 4 Tooling complexity 4 CocoaPods 4 Gradle